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  1. My fiancee will be moving soon to save some money. The new address is within his home country, just a new city. Does this effect his k1 timeline or is it just a "fyi" for the government?
  2. He is chilean. I looked around some other chilean k1 forum posts and it seems to be similar in terms of waiting for 10 days. This is very helpful though i'll definitely have to check in on the packet process. Where were you able to find those details for your embassy?
  3. Thank you! Any suggestions from anyone if we should aim to schedule the medical appt or the interview appt first? We're hoping to maybe be able to get the medical done while he's in his country's main city before he take the bus trip home, just to make things smoother for him.
  4. My fiancee and I are planning a trip between now and our expected NOA2 arrival (March). We filed in October 2018 so the far end of our estimate is March, and based on some things I've been seeing for wait times I'm fairly sure thats an accurate estimate. We wanted him to visit me in the US to break up the time between now and when he finally can move here permanently. The NOA2 would probably arrive about 1-3 weeks before he would be leaving. We figured that's ok because there appears to be some time lapse while they mail out documents and get everything straightened before you can schedule things (is this correct?) If the NOA2 is received while he's in the US with me, can everything be scheduled from abroad while we're together, or is there a reason that he would need to be in his country? Thank you!😊