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  1. My sister is an accountant and we're both trying to make sure it all goes right together 😪 it's definitely stressful
  2. Hello! I'm getting overwhelmed here for tax season. My husband came in June 2019 We married in September 2019 No income in 2019 to file for him. So we're trying to do the ITIN number Application (W7). I believe his passport is the only documentation we need as it has his physical copies of his visa. His adjustment of status, work, and travel permits are all pending right now with an expected reply in June apparently. So right now I don't have much else besides the Visa to provide, but the visa has technically expired. Do I file the W7 first, then use the ITIN info on a regular tax return? Where do I go to get the certified copies? Do I only need the passport to be copied? Thank you all! I'm getting a bit overwhelmed here. I didn't even know about an ITIN until a few days ago 🙁
  3. To clarify, my husband and I were married within the 90 day window. We're working on the paperwork. I'm seeing a note that the medical info must be left in a sealed packet from the civil surgeon. If you're a K1 adjusting with the i-484, do you need to do a medical appointment again? Or do we attach the information that we received from the initial medical exam (which is not sealed)
  4. So I have my fiancee I-94, but I'm confused about the form questions on page 2. First, part 22 "When I last arrived in the US I: (then you fill in the spot). So for this, I said "Other" and just wrote approved K-1 visa. What's the correct method here? second, part 23.a, "status on form i-94". Is the status k1? We were married on the 13th of september (just passed) which was technically the 90th day of his visa so i want to make sure this is all straight when i submit it.
  5. Had our K1 interview today and got our approval 😊. Setting up DHL for mailing now!
  6. We're both fluent in the others language but we figured it would be a conflict of interest so we used a translator. They did get back to me and say no apostille necessary
  7. Anyone have any experience with translating documents? Do you need a seal of apostille?
  8. oh dang we set an appointment. I guess we'll call on monday? thankk you!
  9. For scheduling the K1 interview, did you have to wait until you heard back from the embassy? I saw online when I checked the NVC that I'm ready to schedule an appointment, but I haven't heard from the embassy to get a consular letter? The options that would likely apply to me are: I have received a letter from theh consular section with instructions to register or shedule a K visa appointment. or I have received a letter from the consular section with instructions to schedule an immigrant visa appointment" https://ais.usvisa-info.com/en-cl/iv/information/iv_services
  10. Anyone having trouble completing the ds160 online? I keep getting connection errors after the work/school history part but theres no drop in my internet or issues with anything except that page
  11. Oh god. We just got the email about the NVC mailing the packet to the embassy, so I'll just keep in mind that I should be very annoying. So right now we're gathering the documentation to bring to the interview. Which to clarify, you said everything can be paid for in Chile at the visa center, and just bring a packet with all those documents in it to the visa interview. When were the dates (generally) for scheduling the interview? He's going to be back in May in Santiago so we were hoping we could get a K1 interview in around Juneish We decided not to renew a lease if he was going to be moving here.
  12. Ok sorry. I got a little excited because I got an NVC email in the middle of the night from NVC stating my packet is "at the NVC" rather than the other 3 options. Can I use the NVC case number for the DS-160 and I-134, or would that require another case number from the embassy? Packet 3 I think is what I'm referring to as stuff in the first post. Is that sent to my fiances country?
  13. How did everything go? Did they send packet 3 to your fiance in chile? OR to you
  14. Thank you so much. And of course I'll send you the chilean copy. I'll get in touch when it arrives
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