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  1. May 4th 2018 Feb 4th 2019 approval NSC Got the approval in the mail .Case status online still says case received .
  2. I was May 4th NSC was approved at the 9 month mark
  3. Excited finally going to the NVC stage. !! Case status still says case received online. Been coming 2 weeks since the approval .
  4. Thank you very much
  5. Update my wife checked the mail tonite and our i130 was approved !!!! The case status still says case received online . We are so excited yay
  6. On uscis website it's on April 23 so 12 more days we can submit a case inquiry.
  7. I am from Canada . My wife is the American citizen. One day she was like I want to move back home and let's see how we can get u there. I was like ok lol got her a job and set up in a apt . And we sent the i130 away 4 months after we got her set up. I had zero idea or even a hint it would take this long . Was told 5 to 7 months when we first started this . My Canadian wage pays for all of her living expenses in the usa . just unbelievable how long things take . Like now I am gone back up to Canada for work I will be back maybe end of April . But lest I am close enough I can drive takes 14 hr but o well .
  8. So its officially 9 months and still says case received. 9 months and nothing yet .
  9. See this morning Nebraska i130 processing times went up to 7.5 to 10 months .I Figured it went up that's why we never heard anything. And it's coming 9 months .
  10. 5 years and that's good you heard something today . Hope the best for you. Keep us posted
  11. Since MAY 4th and nothing yet . We have a massively strong case been married long time. Coming 9 months be able to do a outside normal process time inquire soon see what's up .
  12. Thanks for the info . What a long process
  13. Nebraska Service Center
  14. Was wondering when the i130 is being processed do they send you a notification ? NOA1 May 4 2018 and still says case received.
  15. Nebraska Service Center Ya I am a 13 hr drive to vist my wife but it's getting pretty old .