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  1. @Nitas_man My wife and her father both file separate I-864's. We will fill them together but I'm just gathering all the info I can before sending them in. I don't want there to be any issues with our paperwork.
  2. @aleful thanks for the response. I meant that in the 3rd box I would be counted as the spouse, since she is married to me and she is the main sponsor for me. Should we still leave it empty since I'm person being sponsored in this affidavit? Also the instruction is a bit confusing. This is what I found: "Item Number 3. Type or print “1” if you are married. Type or print “0” if you are not married."
  3. Hello, I (applicant) have a few questions about filling in the form for my wife (petitioner) and her dad (joint sponsor). First, how should my wife fill out part 5. of this form? Currently we have put "1" for the first two, but it asks her to put "1" in the 3rd box since she is married. However the note at the top says to not count any household members more than once. So do we put "1" in the 3rd box or leave it empty? Next, my wifes dad is a self employed consultant and has several companies he works with. For him we have his latest IRS tax account transcript, maybe we should add the IRS tax return transcript also? We also have a few letters of employment as proof of current income. Is this enough for proof of income? Tracking down individual pay stubs might be difficult. In the instructions I found the following " Proof of their residency in your household and relationship to you if they are not the intending immigrants or are not listed as dependents on your Federal income tax return for the most recent tax year. " I'm not sure what this means, do we need to prove my father-in-laws relationship to me? My wife has not had any income for the past 3 years so we attached a separate self prepared letter stating that fact.
  4. @geowrian That's exactly right, thank you again for all the responses.
  5. Hello, I have a question on how to fill in the I-864 for my wife (the petitioner of I-129F). She lived with me outside of the US and didn't have a job for the past 3 years. I'm confused because in part 6. item 25. (pictured) they ask for evidence that her income was below the IRS required level. How should we prove this? For her dad we his most recent tax return. Is it okay to use only his latest total income and leave 2nd and 3rd most recent boxes empty?
  6. @yuna628 Thank you for the information. I'm also leaning towards going to the SSA office personally after receiving the EAD. I will tick "no" in my application.
  7. I would also be curious if there is an example on how to fill out the I-765 form for people who are now married with the K-1 visa? I'm not sure what to fill in on this part.
  8. Thank you so much for the answers everyone, I'm really happy at how helpful this community is. I will be sure to help others with my experiences as well.
  9. Also as I understood the payment for form I-485 includes the payment for form I-765 (EAD). Is this correct?
  10. Hello, This might sound like a silly question but I was wondering if all AoS related payments need to be in a check with a single total amount or each fee in their own separate check? The filing fee for form I-485 is $1140, a biometric services fee of $85 is also required. Do I make one check for $1225 or two separate checks, one for $1140 and one for $85 dollars? I just want to make sure my AoS application is done as well as possible.
  11. Thank you for all the responses, glad to see I'm not the only one with these questions. I was going to ask about filling in these boxes in the application. Does anyone know the correct approach here? Answer "no" and apply for SSN after EAD has been approved? Since one person said it doesn't apply for K1 visa.
  12. Hello, after moving here in US we've been somewhat overwhelmed with the process. Now that we're finally ready to file for AoS, I realized I haven't applied for SSN, we are legally now married though. I have read in other guides that it's completely okay to apply for SSN later, after receiving your EAD. Just wanting to make sure that this is the correct thing to do for me now. I have additional questions for filling in the paperwork, but I'll save them for another thread.