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  1. Hi, Does anyone know how long does it take for the medical exams to be read by the doctor ? My husband went about three weeks ago and no answer from the doctor. Due to this, he missed his original appointment date at the embassy in El salvador. Thank you,
  2. Jennifer Sosa

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    Hi. How long did it take for your husband to receive the results of the medical examination? Out of curiosity did he have to visit a psychiatrist ? Thank you
  3. Hi.


    I am going though a similar process with my husband. He had the interview last week on Wednesday 1/2/2018, but got sent back since the medical records weren't ready. 


    How long did it take for you to receive the medical records ? My husband went on 12/21/2018 and we have called the doctor and all the receptionist tells us is that he will call once everything is ready.


    I would appreciate your help.


    Thank you,



  4. My husband has been in El Salvador since December 18th, and had the medical appointment on 12/19/2018. Everything went great but, he has a misdemeanor that took place in 2008. Due to that the doctor sent him to visit a psychiatrist. My husband visited the psychiatrist office on 12/21/2018, and it went fine and the said that it will take two weeks to i guess review the information. It has been almost three weeks since he last visited his office.My husband has been waiting on the clearance from the psychiatrist for the medical doctor to call him. Due to this, he missed his appointment at the embassy on 01/02/2019. Now we have to wait for the doctor to call to reschedule a new appointment at the embassy. We call the psychiatrist office and all the secretary says is that they will call once is ready. Has anyone waited three weeks for this ??? On the other hand, he will lose his job if he doesn't return to the US by 01/20/2019. Help!!