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  1. I heard some embassies check for 125% since they expect you to apply for AOS shortly after. Not sure if mine is one of them.
  2. We completed ours using immigrant then K1, but the email we received from the US Consultant in Jakarta stated specifically to select it and follow the prompts. That included filling out our case number. Not sure if its the same for all embassies or not.
  3. We received NOA2 10/05/18. 11/26 I got an email asking to verify his information which I did and the next day he got an email with the above mentioned information and our new case number. Ours is US Embassy in Jakarta
  4. Hello, I'm filing for the K1 visa for my Fiancee in Indonesia. I make more than 125% poverty guidelines for 2018/2019, however, I was on maternity leave for 6 weeks at 60% pay which would put my W-2 gross wages slightly below a 3 person household. Will this affect his approval? I got a pay raise since then which will put my gross pay to be enough for a 4 person household.