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  1. My NVC documents were approved on May 20, 2019. Waiting for interview now.
  2. My I-130 was received on Jun 8, 2017. I got my citizenship on November 21, 2018 and I mailed certificate same day to California processing center where case is in process. I did not hear back anything so I filed Inquiry for Dec 10, 2018 for undelivered notice. I got response saying: "Your request for an upgrade to USC has been forwarded to the adjudication officer. The adjudication officer will make the necessary upgrade at time of adjudication." I noticed in the response that they did not mention the receive date of naturalization certificate. I have not received any update after that case status still says that case was received on June 8, 2017. How long should I wait or is there a way to track the progress on the upgrade of petition? Its been 18 months on the petition Its been 7 weeks since certificate was mailed Its been 4 weeks since i got response from USCIS for upgrade of application inquiry.
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