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  1. Hello fellow las veganian's, how long it will change from "ready to be schedule for an interview" to interview will be scheduled"? Thanks
  2. OMG, i got an update thank you LORD, novemberfilers be strong evrything will be fine
  3. Okay maybe its my mistake to submit a request at early time
  4. Yeah i know right? Its good enough for me to nkow that they touched my files even no approval yet
  5. OMG i gone wrong! Okay thanks anyway buddy!!!
  6. Yeah i know i do understand what youre trying to say, but theres nothing wrong right?
  7. @K1visaHopeful Thats there responce, and I am happy because i findout that finally they scan my papers even though no approval yet
  8. Awww!😣😣😣 No sir/maam everybody are eligible to make service request depends on the situation because i really need to get work, I think for me is good enough to do it because i reach already 5 months right?
  9. So what do u think happen to my case, because i already did service request and they responced it to me already?
  10. I did and they responced me anyway that they will notify me if theres progress on my case😄😄
  11. Yeah my receipt is MSC, my PD was 11/21/18, and NOA1 11/23/18 since then no more updates thats why i tried to send an email to the USCIS and luckily they responced..hopefully this week or by the end of the month there will good news to all of us NOVEMBER FILERS🤞🤞🤞👼👼👼👼
  12. I tried send msg through email USCIS last friday about my EAD because i think im out of normal processing, and they replied me today that "your case is still reviewing and there was no update today we will notify you if theres update, and the last time we touch my papers was april 1 2019." I'm hoping to get update this week pls🤞🤞🤞🤞
  13. Awww! Thank you for the info. I think i'm out of the processing time..i got frustrated no update at all, im hoping again this coming week 👼👼🤞🤞
  14. My PD was 11/21/2018 Biometric 12/21/2018 Since then no more updates stuck at fingerprint fee recieved & case recieved