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  1. Most grateful, am good now. We would be entering in September to activate our visas and we hope to pay for the green cards before entering so I was very worried about the outcome of the regulations as announced. Thanks everyone for helping to calm the raging emotional storm.
  2. https://edition.cnn.com/2019/08/12/politics/legal-immigration-public-charge/index.html
  3. Dear All, I wish to tap into your expert knowledge and advise on the issue of the immigration regulation released yesterday by the Trump administration on how they plan to limit access to visas and green cards for legal immigrants seeking to come to the u.s. Myself and my family received our DV visas last month and we plan to enter the u.s. and activate our visas at the end of next month. We used the host system as part of the interviewing process but we plan to change our host address from Virginia to Boston. We are both professionals with two kids (6 & 3). 1. Would this new immigration regulation affect us? 2. Would the regulation affect the issuance of our green cards or any other form of aid like children's school? 3. Should we enter now instead of our proposed end of September entry? Thank you and would like to hear from ya'll.
  4. Thanks to everyone, all 4 visas have been picked up
  5. Thanks, I pray it doesn't take that long for all documents to return. Does this mean my ceac update will revert to Administrative Processing during this period?
  6. Just a quick update on my case. I went to the DHL Office today and saw all our passports and visas printed in them. However, according to the DHL agent our sealed envelopes even though sealed with the glued flap end of the envelope should have been taped with a specialized "stamped tape". For this reason I could not get the visas and everything else, she said she need to send it back to the consulate for them to tape it with that "stamped tape". Has anyone had this experience and how long did it take to be resolved and package sent back? @SusieQQQ, have you pleased heard of such incidence? Could my passport go back to the consulate and visas be removed? I would appreciate some feedback. Thanks
  7. God bless you, too much to learn from you and other super moderators. Grateful for everything. Up to date I have no idea why my case took so long for a decision to be reached... I was never told but I guess it all doesn't make sense now.
  8. Just to let ya'll know, all 4 visas have been delivered at DHL today for pick up - 24 hours after CEAC tracking turned to ISSUED. Whoever said prayer doesn't work hasn't lived. Grateful to all especially @SusieQQQ, @TheDjans and everyone else here who offered their time and resource to help me when things got me a bit worked up. It has been more than 8 months but God has delivered in virtually milli-seconds🙏
  9. I am grateful for everything @SusieQQQ, can't wait to have the passports with visas in hand. It has been a hell of a journey but God came through for me.
  10. After more than 7 months of being on AP, am happy to say that today my case status on the CEAC site for all 4 of us has changed to ISSUED! Thanks to @SusieQQQ, @TheDjans and all those who supported me with their kind words and prayers. I pray this ISSUED status does not revert! lol
  11. Very well @SusieQQQ, your advise is very well taken. I will keep my fingers crossed for this week. I will update when there are any changes. Cheers and have a blessed week.
  12. Hello @SusieQQQ, its been a little over a week since I submitted the new medicals and passports but my status still remains on AP with the date of update to AP (06/17/2019). I know you cannot predict how long all of these will take but could I potentially be going on another long journey with the process even after they said they completed my AP and asked me to redo medicals and submit together with passports? I have read reports where sometimes documents are submitted post interview and the consulate appears not to have received them or things got mixed up somewhere. Is it a good idea to go to DHL to find out if the medicals and passports were sent? Thank you
  13. Hello, I received a call last week to redo medicals for all 4, delivered medicals and passports to courier company yesterday. I hope all of these would end up in us getting the visas soon. We spent an additional $1200 and it all took just about an hour so hopefully it should all be worth it soon. Thanks for asking @TheDjans I will keep ya'll updated when we finally receive "the eagles", but another big thing is getting a an affordable rental for all 4 of us since my host may not exactly be able to host us for long. Any recommendations within the VA or any other state to raise a family with two young daughters (6 and 3).
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