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  1. Our case was approved on November 20th 2018. We have not received any letters or emails from the NVC at all. We contacted them and now have our case number (LDN). I have booked my medical for January 15th 2019 and have completed and submitted the DS-160. I have gathered all of the documents I need (I think). When tracking our case via CEAC is says 'At NVC'. Is it normal to be at this stage for so long. Some people have seemed to speed through the whole process! Cheers
  2. Okay, thanks for your response. I think I am getting confused as when I track the case, it gives me a link to follow the NVC instructions (See attached photo). That link indicated I need to choose an agent and complete the DS-260
  3. Despite only being able to track the case using the Immigrant Visa application type?
  4. Hello, First of all thank you everyone for the vast amount of knowledge on here. I'm a bit confused and have done my best to research the topic, but I couldn't reach an answer, so any help would be appreciated. We submitted our I-129f and were approved on November 20th 2018. We have been waiting to receive a letter from the NVC but we haven't had anything. My fiance (the petitioner) contacted the NVC and we received our Case Number with a preference category of K1. Since then I have scheduled my medical in London using the case number. I have been tracking the case via the CEAC. When I track it I have to select 'IMMIGRANT VISA (IV)' for the applicant type. My question is (and it might be a stupid question), do I now need to submit the DS-160 for the Non-Immigrant process? Or do I need to get my Invoice ID, complete the DS-261, pick and Agent and pay the fees? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks, Oli