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  1. Haha see I told ya 👍 enjoy I still have that part left but yes will work out what I have for now to survive 😂
  2. Don’t worry if ur case is approved 2-3 weeks will get u ur GC🙏
  3. I can say this now - things can be hard very hard harder the journey glorious the ending just use the time wisely and don’t let any stones unturned. If ur case is genuine don’t worry- do proper paperwork contact uscis - do expediate request - do infopass go to different location if u don’t get at one - contact congressman- contact senator - then ombudsman -it’s last resort (in order ) Nd your prayers will be answered 🙏
  4. New card being produced 😍
  5. It’s status of service request
  6. It’s status of service request
  7. Any info on the above notice ??
  8. Hi anyone have heard of the below The status of this service request is: Your case is currently under review. You should receive a decision or notice of other action shortly.
  9. Yes most cases with details are expediated for others I don’t know if they are
  10. Best case I saw for EAD is Oct 13 as of no
  11. Any DC / Virginia filers ? I also have scheduled an appointment on 10th at Norfolk as for DC ( fairfax) I couldn’t find any. PD Oct 2 NOA Oct 12 Bio Nov 2
  12. At imi help also I saw for oct 3/4 yes all were with expediate request timeline Pd oct 2 noa oct 12 bio nov 2
  13. Yes they were also today I saw an Ead approved for Oct 4th & 3rd Hope my comes by 15th
  14. Just saw on a different web - post - Ppl with Sept 24 PD are getting EAD My last day to accept job offer is Jan 14th
  15. PD Oct 2nd Bio on Nov 6th No update yet - 7 SR wasted as I have an awesome Job offer , They aint listening. Congressmen contact - waste