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  1. Do you have to report the change of address regardless of how long you are going to stay in that place? I am a conditional GC holder, and I am planning to move out of my current place with my US spouse because the place we currently live in does not have many job opportunities. We are planning to move to another state, where there are so many more job opportunities, and where my close friend lives, and she said she could offer her place for both of us until we can get a job. She already spoke to her landlord and they were so kind that they allowed us to live there for some time, without being on the lease. Now my question is, at this point, I have no idea how long I will stay in her place. Should I still report the change of address, even if we won't be on the lease? A related question would be, in an expensive area such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, or New York, I know some people who don't own a house, nor rent, but just live in a hotel room because that can be cheaper than owning or renting. In cases like that, do they just have to report the hotel address and room number? What length of stay is too short to have to report the change of address?
  2. Thanks all. But getting COBRA is just an option, correct? As I thought COBRA would be an expensive option for me considering how much my former employer was paying for my insurance plan when I was still working for them, and you also confirmed it, I would rather go with cheaper options, even if I get less coverage as long as I pay less. I don't really see the point of applying for COBRA if I would have to pay the same amount of money I was paying when I was at my former employer. We were paying $1000+ a month just for the insurance.. and I can't afford that much money when I am jobless..
  3. How soon after you lost your job did you get your COBRA? What kind of procedures did you take? like paperwork ?
  4. Wait so does ACA plan include Medicaid? Like when I purchase ACA plan, I have to tell them I want Medicaid to be excluded from ACA? Sorry I am not understanding the health care plans.. Also, I heard COBRA is very expensive. My former company had a pretty good (but pretty expensive) health care plan. most of whose fee was paid by them. If I am not mistaken, COBRA can offer the same or similar type of health insurance that you had through your former employer. Correct? In which case, do I have to pay more to get COBRA because the plan I had with my employer was expensive... And when you said I should receive a cobra packet within a few weeks, but will it be sent from the insurance company, or the former employer? It have been about 2 weeks since I lost my job, and I am scared I might be late to apply..
  5. Yup. The company I lost my job from, had a 3-month probationary period at the beginning of employment, and I was only given the health insurance at exactly 3 month mark.
  6. American medical bills are just ridiculous. It is not even too much to say that is a fraud.
  7. I did not know that! So basically, having no insurance for any length of time won't affect my immigration status, nor do we have to worry about any penalty associated with it. The only thing that we should understand is, when we actually need to visit hospitals for some reason, having no insurance will cost us a ton. But other than that, there is really nothing to worry about. Is this the point you are trying to make, correct?
  8. Really? About two years ago, we did not have insurance for 4 consecutive months. When we filed a tax return, we got penalized for not having insurance for more than 3 consecutive months, and that fine was deducted from the tax refund.
  9. Does having no insurance at all affect immigration status? I know we have a fine for having no insurance for some consecutive months, but will it also NOT affect immigration status?
  10. My US spouse is currently jobless as well. We are both jobless at the same time and we live on our saving. My US spouse has always had a hard time getting a job that offers health insurance. Even when he was hired, the company he worked for did not offer any insurance. Luckily the company I worked for offered insurance for me and him, but I lost my job and the insurance. Will I lose my conditional green card if I don't get health insurance within a certain amount of time? Like I know Obama has made it mandatory for everyone to have some insurance. I wanna get a cheapest plan, but i dont know if that will consider me to be a public charge and I am so at a loss.
  11. I am married to a US citizen and I have a conditional green card. Unfortunately, I lost my job and the health insurance I had through my employer, which was covering myself (the immigrant) and my US spouse. Now we are both not covered by any insurance, and I know this is bad. Since we need to look for and get a job, and most likely have to wait for the first 3 months after getting a job for employer-based insurance to kick in, we have to purchase a plan on our own. But my concern is, does buying a cheap insurance (ACA???) affect my immigration status? I am aware that USCIS doesn't want immigrants to rely on the governmental aid, like they dont want us to be a public charge. So I am lost. I don't know what kind of insurance is considered governmental aid. I don't want to spend a lot of money on insurance because I am jobless now, and I want to keep the saving I have for as long as possible until I can get a new job and the employer-based insurance. My another question is, do I have to get the same insurance plan that I had through my employer? I read about COBRA, and it was very confusing too.
  12. Will losing a job affect my conditional green card status, if my income was used for I-864 purposes? I was an international student, and I was working with the OPT program. My US spouse's income was low, and did not meet 125% of the poverty guideline, but I was making a few times more alone, so my lawyer said I could use my income for I-864 purposes. We did not get questioned at all during the interview, and I got a conditional green card last year. Unfortunately, I lost my job a few months AFTER I got my conditional green card. My US spouse still does not make enough income to meet 125% poverty guideline. Will me losing my job after I used my income for I-864 purposes affect my immigration status negatively? I ask because the instruction of I-864 says: If certain conditions are met, an intending immigrant’s income can help you meet the income requirement. If the intending immigrant is your spouse, his or her income can be included if it will continue from the same source after he or she obtains lawful permanent resident status. What does this mean? Since my income has stopped after losing my job, and it is not continuing from the same source, will I lose my conditional green card??
  13. Okay, I get that it is low priority because you can still keep your permanent resident status while your case is pending. But what if the couple who filed jointly to remove condition ended up divorce while the case is pending? I feel like there is a lot more burden/time/money/energy on the couple who received conditional green card, than those who rather waited for 2 years before applying for AOS and receiving a 10 year green card in the first place. Can such people still switch to a divorce waiver and apply alone? (well technically it has already been applied, if the case is pending. What will happen? Do the international person have to reapply all alone, from scratch?)
  14. I know this varies greatly from place to place, and from applicant to applicant, but how long does ROC take to complete? (From filing the application, till receiving the permanent green card) Does an application with a divorce waiver take longer than a jointly filed one? Also, https://egov.uscis.gov/processing-times/ this website is really stressing me out. I checked the estimate time for I-751 processing time under "All Field Offices", and it returns the result 22.5 months to 41.5 months. Can a ROC take up to almost 3.5 years????? Why does it take so long? Even the shortest is 22.5 months, which is almost 2 years. Why do we need to wait sooooo long? And it is normal to take this long? How long did you all take?