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  1. It was a 202 area code and possibly a wireless number. The voicemail was on the phone number I provided in a request to my senator. She knew my full name and said she was calling about an immigration matter and to call back as soon as possible. She provided her full name and when I did a reserve lookup on the number the full name provided matched the name associated with the phone number. It's been two days (not counting holiday and weekend) and I cannot get ahold of her and she hasn't called back.
  2. It is odd. Now the phone is just going to voice mail.
  3. I am the petitioner. I did not reach out to USCIS directly but did reach out to my senator requesting assistance. And in the voice they stated it was an immigration matter and to call as soon as possible. I tried calling all day yesterday and the phone number provided went straight to voicemail.
  4. Hello, I received a voicemail from USCIS asking me to call them back as soon as possible. My date on ceac.state.gov did not update though when I received the voicemail. When I contact the embassy or vice versa, the date updates to the date of last contact. Does the date not update when USCIS calls?
  5. I heard the wait in AP for countries like Afghanistan is 3-4 years. I am wondering if I should cancel the K1 and get married? Does anyone know what process is faster?
  6. I am very curious to. It gets very depressing checking your status for months on end with no change. Then when you contact the embassy you get the same generic answer. I am debating on starting a WOM case after we hit 14 months in AP.
  7. Has anyone tried a Writ a Mandamus and been successful? How long after AP did you have your lawyer submit a Writ a Mandamus?
  8. Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Dubai, Viet Nam, Cambodia, Uzbekistan, and Seychelles are the places that we have traveled to over the past two years. ------ Since being in AP we went to Seychelles.
  9. I traveled to Kabul one time since engaged. I was going to travel there again in April but was advised not to by my fiancé. We meet outside of Afghanistan every four months instead.
  10. We took the passport back, and the consular said we wouldn't have to fill out additional forms if we travel while in AP. They also said that after the interview you are not required to turn in your passport and you can hold onto it until your visa is ready, but almost everyone in Afghanistan turns in their passport after the interview. If you don't turn the passport in or take it back, it will delay the process when it comes time to place the visa in the passport because you will have to go back to the embassy and drop the passport. A lot of people on this site were very negative when I asked about taking the passport back, but I had my friend who works at the Kabul embassy ask the deputy consular and they both said the same thing that the consular told us when we requested the passport back.
  11. Good news, the embassy said it won't affect our case if we ask for the passport back. They also updated their automatic email response today and now it says: 5. Do I have to leave my passport in order to receive a visa? What if I have other travel plans? You must bring your passport with you on the day of your interview, but it is not necessary to leave your passport with the Consular Section while your application is processed. If you have upcoming travel plans, please mention it to the Consular Officer at the end of your interview.
  12. We did the ds5535. I know people that have been in AP for over 5 months and the embassy has their passport. This is such a bummer because we have travel planned for April and July.
  13. We want to get the passport now because we are still in AP and there is no timeframe of when that will end and the visa will be issued. We want to take the passport back and then turn it back in when they are ready to issue the visa. I am wondering if that will be an issue and how do we get it back. We tried reaching out to the embassy several times and have not heard back.
  14. Hello, After the K1 interview in Kabul the consular kept the passport and moved the case into Administrative Processing. Has any requested to get their passport back? Does it affect your case if you take it back? We want to get it back since we don't know how long AP is going to take and would like to travel in the future. We tried contacting the embassy twice by email to get it back but have not gotten a response.
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