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  1. Sounds easy enough. I can speak a few words that were picked up from my wife and online. Not nearly enough to hold a conversation with an unassuming customs officer.
  2. I would think that my invitation letter should be enough to explain the reason for visiting. Are you saying that even in a large city with an international airport, passport control has no billingual persons? I plan on staying several months, our interview will be in December if all goes to plan.
  3. I am going to visit my wife in the Russian Federation, to stay with her family and attend her interview in Moscow. I have applied for a private multi entry visa, is there a requirement to have a return ticket upon entering the country, as with some others (ROK comes to mind) or is a one way ticket acceptable for entry?
  4. We were married in South Korea, which our ROK marriage certificate is accepted by USCIS (after translating) so perhaps her civil records department is having a hard time verifying its authenticity because of the language. Since the OP we have not looked into it much further, since it should not effect her CR1 Visa. Thanks for all the helpful input so far!
  5. This is the stamp she wants. Was turned down at Passport Control office at Michaylovka, while also requesting a police record. Told to go elsewhere to get the stamp. Was told a name change and new passport were needed in order to receive the stamp. She wants the stamp for piece of mind and for certain services while waiting on her CR-1 visa interview.
  6. My spouse went to her local office to get a police report and a marriage stamp in her Russian passport. She does not want to take my surname and we filed with USCIS using her given name. She was told at the local office that the seal or stamp is only given for a new passport when there is a name change. Therefore she must carry proof of marriage with her at all times. Has any member run into a similar situation, where the beneficiary did not change the name, and did this affect the Visa process at all?
  7. I have read that is difficult to get additional Visa while the spouse Visa is being evaluated. Would this apply to my situation also?
  8. Good day all, I have found a vast amount of information thus far about filing a I-130 petition on behalf of my wife, who is a Russian citizen. What will be the requirements to attend an interview at the consulate in Moscow? I am a US citizen so do I need to get a Visa of some sort to enter Russia just for the interview? Thank you for any input.
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