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  1. You are absolutely correct sir, it was paid after the interview. My silly porridge brain led me to believe it was paid at the NVC stage.
  2. Is it the USCIS immgrant fee of $220? If so then yes we did pay it.
  3. Yes we paid the green card fee before her interview. Hopefully it shows up sometime in the next few months - I would rather her travel with it in case of any layovers. Thanks
  4. Hello community, My wife arrived on a CR-1 visa in early April at the height of the pandemic, and left many of her belongings/ family members on short notice. She would like to visit her home country over the summer once travel restrictions have eased. My question is, can she travel with only the stamp received at Point of Entry on her visa, or does she need to wait for her green card to arrive in the mail (who knows when that will be). Also, if she is to leave with only this stamped page in her passport, would form I-131 need to be filed for Advanced Parole, as she is waiting the 2 years for AoS, or is it not required? Thank you for any input.
  5. She was able to get on a flight out of Russia arranged by the US embassy. Evidently there are still commercial flights going from Moscow to Europe/ USA, but they are sporadic and announced only hours before departure. I will probably regret my decision when my nasty bill comes from the promissory note she signed, but at least we are together now.
  6. Tried that but it got us nowhere - the airline suggested that she contact the airport of departure, and when she did that they told her to contact the embassy for further proof of validity on her document. She is now trying to get onboard a possible charter flight being arranged by the embassy in Moscow, however when signing up for it on the webpage, she does not fall into the required category of US citizen or permanant resident with I-551 card. She has not yet entered USA on her CR-1 visa. As mentioned above, our son is a USC through CRBA, so we are hoping an exception will be made for them, but the flight is going to be very full so we'll see what happens. Hoping for the best but expecting the worst.
  7. Hello community, My wife received her CR-1 visa through Pony Express several weeks ago and has since been planning to make the move to USA with our 5 month old son, who is US citizen through CRBA. She is booked on a flight from her home city, connecting in Japan to the US. As of yesterday, the airline has suspended travel for Russian citizens traveling to Japan. Her situation should allow her to travel, as she is not leaving the terminal in Japan and traveling onward to become a US permanent resident, however the airline will not hear this or make an exception. They are suggesting getting a statement from the US embassy stating the reason for departing Russia and the validity of her visa. This seems redundant as the visa is in itself a valid reason to leave, and no restrictions have yet been imposed on Russian citizens entering the USA yet, as far as I know. Looking for suggestions moving forward; her flight is scheduled to leave this Sunday, so time is running short. We were hoping for a simple resolution but things aren't looking too bright at the moment. Also, I am aware that there are other flights routed through New York, however this flight is most suitable for her carrying an infant for a few reasons, and I prefer her not going this route. Wish everyone good health and appreciate any feedback!
  8. My wife will be going to her interview in Moscow along with our infant son in the coming months. If she cannot find a babysitter for the day would the embassy allow her to take the child into the interview? I have read that some locations have different policy; is strictly the beneficiary only allowed in regardless of the situation or is it at the consulate discretion.
  9. The letter said that the petition was approved and forwarded to the NVC, and that my beneficiary will be contacted with info about immigrant visa processing steps. I am wondering if USCIS may have seen my mistake and realized my intention is for an original CR-1 visa, not AOS, and will proceed to forward my case to the requested consulate (Moscow). NVC should be sending me (petitioner) additional info also within the next few weeks, is this correct? I am worried that this might set back our timeline if not fixed soon.
  10. Hello community, My spouse has never visited or lived in the United States, and is applying for a CR-1 visa. We received our NOA-2 letter last week, and in the letter states that the petition was approved, however: "The petition indicates that the beneficiary is in the United States and wishes to apply for adjustment of status to a lawful permanent resident." It goes on to say that the beneficiary may not be able to file for AOS in the United States, their decision being based on evidence in the petition, and that the case was forwarded to NVC for determination of appropriate consulate (in our case, probably Moscow.) Questions: 1. Did I fill out the I-130 incorrectly, somehow indicating that my spouse was living in the United States? 2. What to do now? My case has been sent to NVC, should I contact them and inform them that my spouse is not residing in the US? 3. Will my NVC forms packet be sent to my mailing address in the US, or to my spouse overseas? I would prefer the former. Fingers crossed that this is not a major setback in our journey, we have been eager awaiting this point for months! Thanks
  11. Sounds easy enough. I can speak a few words that were picked up from my wife and online. Not nearly enough to hold a conversation with an unassuming customs officer.
  12. I would think that my invitation letter should be enough to explain the reason for visiting. Are you saying that even in a large city with an international airport, passport control has no billingual persons? I plan on staying several months, our interview will be in December if all goes to plan.
  13. I am going to visit my wife in the Russian Federation, to stay with her family and attend her interview in Moscow. I have applied for a private multi entry visa, is there a requirement to have a return ticket upon entering the country, as with some others (ROK comes to mind) or is a one way ticket acceptable for entry?
  14. We were married in South Korea, which our ROK marriage certificate is accepted by USCIS (after translating) so perhaps her civil records department is having a hard time verifying its authenticity because of the language. Since the OP we have not looked into it much further, since it should not effect her CR1 Visa. Thanks for all the helpful input so far!
  15. This is the stamp she wants. Was turned down at Passport Control office at Michaylovka, while also requesting a police record. Told to go elsewhere to get the stamp. Was told a name change and new passport were needed in order to receive the stamp. She wants the stamp for piece of mind and for certain services while waiting on her CR-1 visa interview.
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