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  1. PaulTheSheik

    How to report visa fraud?

    I am not an advocate of trying to harm someone’s immigration petition however someone is always hurt in a crime, there are no victimless crimes. Examples of people hurt are innocent genuine parties who get scrutinized and shafted because of other fraudsters misdeeds. And how do you know that the alleged fraudsfer has not harmed the OP? You’re presuming too much.
  2. Evidence of the approval is the visa a copy of which you will include in the package. Congrats!
  3. You’re not screwed. You need to relax and stop fretting over this. Consular officers posted to Ghana typically get a brush up on our customs. What you describe is a knocking ceremony and everyone knows the knocking is not the wedding (traditional marriage). Indeed in our culture the knocking is exactly the equivalent of a western engagement. If it comes up at the interview, tell that consular to ask any ghanaian working with him/her behind the counter. That is never recommended, prepaying wedding expenses when you do not control the process. These processes sometimes get delayed. Nevertheless what’s done is done, stay positive.
  4. The era in which people who overstayed and subsequently traveled on an approved advance parole were being denied entry upon returning are gone. There was a rule change in 2012 that stopped that policy after a case at the Board of Immigration Appeals. I remember very clearly because it happened not long after my adjustment of status. When attorneys say do not travel on AP if you had a previous overstay, it’s out of an over abundance of caution and the fact that it takes some people a long time to adapt to a new way of thinking/doing things. If you need to travel, do it unless you have some other red flags on your profile like criminality, fraud etc.
  5. PaulTheSheik

    I-90 denied

    She can ignore it. The fact that she applied for a correction does not mean the card has been voided. She can ignore the the denial letter, what was denied was the change. Her underlying LPR status and card remain valid. She can choose to file a fresh i90 but personally I won’t. I’ve carried various misspellings of first name since September 1997.
  6. PaulTheSheik

    Criminal history

    You are correct. K3 is usually a waste of time, rarely approved. https://citizenpath.com/k3-visa-process/ That said you should provide more information about you to get the best advice.
  7. This looks like the sensible option although they probably don't need the blank opposite page. If they do not like it the way you have it flip it so the writing on the cover page is horizontal. I mean like the normal way you hold a book, long side vertical
  8. Wow that's tough. Good to know his cancer is in remission. That's a 10 year ban right out of the gate. Getting an attorney was the right move. He will probably suggest you file a waiver, unless you have some extenuating circumstances it will be a tough slog to get that approved. You must keep positive because nothing is impossible, but also be grounded with the realities. The cancer could be used against him as a public charge disqualification because of high treatment costs but depending on the kind of cancer etc, your attorney could shoot that down with an explanation that the probability of recurrence is low. I hope your attorney is the kind who will be honest with you and not lead you on spending money when the prognosis for success is not looking good. I am also considering doing the 3 month visit to DR starting in February to get more FaceTime. I just returned last week from a three week visit. Best wishes and positive energy your way and remember you cannot win if you don't play. If it costs some money, so be it. It is only money after all.
  9. PaulTheSheik

    Funeral/ Expedited Visa

    OP should ignore negative types like you. Nothing to offer and always ready to rain on others parade and give 1000 reasons why something will not cannot should not happen. I provided evidence of my assertion which was personal, that made total nonsense of your assertion that another refusal was inevitable. When you have nothing positive to contribute, a good suggestion is to zip it. Find someone else to be a Debbie Downer to. Have a Happy 2019!
  10. PaulTheSheik

    Funeral/ Expedited Visa

    The very next week, not next day. Go for it, reapply!
  11. PaulTheSheik

    Funeral/ Expedited Visa

    On the contrary it is not. USA B visas are the ultimate lottery game, today you could be unlucky and tomorrow with the same circumstances you get lucky. It’s happened a lot. There’s little method to the madness (I should know, I’ve received seven in my lifetime and denied twice with one denial overturned the very next day) and $160 is small change when viewed against the potential benefit.
  12. PaulTheSheik

    Funeral/ Expedited Visa

    Not true. You’re flat out wrong. I have several instances of people applying for a visa and getting rejected and reapplying two weeks later and for the visa. Does it happen a lot? No, but it happens quite a bit. Also whether the original poster is asking for themselves or someone else is exactly none of your business. It doesn’t change the answer. Some people on this forum are just so negative and unsympathetic it’s unbelievable, geez.
  13. PaulTheSheik

    B1/B2 Visa for parents of K-1 Visa Holder

    That’s not correct. The application form is more stringent however the actual refusal rate for UK visitor visas is only 9.67% which is lower than the refusal rate for USA B visas which is at least 25%. https://ukvisa.blog/2018/11/23/uk-visa-success-rate/ https://travel.state.gov/content/dam/visas/Statistics/Non-Immigrant-Statistics/RefusalRates/FY17.pdf
  14. PaulTheSheik


    I wouldn’t know. Thankfully I am not on Facebook so that temptation doesn’t exist. The truth will set you free, however it is not always convenient.