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  1. very valid point... he maybe will get a interview date very close to the expiration date of the record hence the visa might not last long...
  2. Guys it would be so cool if everyone take a few mins and complete there timeline so others can follow your journey and have a clear idea on timing...
  3. Your police record valid for 1 year, nvc will only accept it at 6 months, when you upload you take the original to the interview, you are only required to get a new one if one year as past, in my case I only have 2 1/2 months leave on my police record hence that’s how long my visa is valid for...
  4. Ok... unless your interview is like next week I wouldn’t be too worried. The embassy doesn’t work as fast as how we want them to but I’m sure they will send your names across. I had that experience last week but that’s because my daughter case was expedited, I forward the emails ect within hours everything was set for the medical for her, actually I did her medical on Friday and our interview was on Tuesday.
  5. On Andrews portal it will ask for your interview date, they at Andrews decide base on that date you put in when your to do your medical
  6. To set an appointment with Andrews you should go to the hospitals website complete the form and submit the hospital will contact you within two days with a date to come in and do your medical. A list is used by the hospital only when your case is being expedited. If your name isn’t on the list they usually email the embassy or they ask you to email them the info you got from the embassy. For the medical I’ll advise persons to go get there vaccines before hand and save some money at Andrews
  7. Prepare it and take because I know of ppl who was in process before the public charge took effect and was asked for it at the Kin embassy
  8. Here in Jamaica it says in my interview letter to only bring original civil documents, do not bring i864 or supporting financial documents uploaded to nvc... I was shocked... because I thought that everything that was uploaded to nvc we where suppose to take
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