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  1. Is the interview alone due to a divorce much harder than going to the interview as a married couple? I know that even married couples have to submit lots of proof of bona fide marriage to pass ROC, but does a divorced person going alone have a much higher rate of failure?
  2. I want to know if it is a big red flag not to have a joint bank account when you apply for ROC alone (due to a divorce). I am planning to divorce my husband because of infidelity, but I am still on conditional GC. I want to divorce him, and apply for ROC by myself. We have a very different way of spending money, where I save every penny and have some saving, whereas he overspends to the point that he asks me for money. He spends money on alcohol and legal drugs, which I am not happy about. So we have never commingled our finances, and I spend my own money, and he spends his (also he tries to beg me for money when he is short). We have a joint checking account, but we rarely use it. Mainly I deposit money in it, and he uses it. Is this a big red flag upon ROC? Can I still prove that our marriage is real? I have other evidence such as: 1) Lease with both of our names together (although we separated for half a year when I found out about his cheating on me) 2) My car insurance covering both him and me 3) My health insurance through my employer with him as the beneficiary 4) My dental/vision insurance through my employer with him as the beneficiary 5) My life insurance through my employer with him as the beneficiary 100% 6) Photos of us from multiple occasions (even when we were separated, we met from time to time) 7) Texts every day 8 ) Photos of us and his family together on special occasions 9) Join Tax return for 2017 and 2018. (We are planning to file jointly again for 2019, before the divorce occurs if that helps) 10) I can get a affidavit from my best friend who knows both of us really well, proving that our marriage is real. 11) Bills/Mails sent to our address. Is this enough, to cover the lacking of having a joint bank account? What else can we provide?
  3. I got my conditional green card through marriage with a US citizen. I'm the beneficiary. My US spouse got injured and he can't work for the next six months, meaning no income. I have been working and have a stable income, but it's not much. He qualifies for disability checks, but are we allowed to receive governmental aid like that? It will certainly help me pay the bills and rent, but I read on I864 when we did AOS that USCIS doesn't want foreigners to be public charge. This time, it's not me but my us spouse, but even in cases like this, do we have to support ourselves without disability checks?
  4. Sorry, from your profile name, I thought you were Japanese lol If I may ask, did the divorce happen because of your spouse? I read that you can divorce before 2 years if that divorce has to happen because of the US spouse, like they cheated on you, they were abusive, they committed a crime, etc. Did you explain why you had to divorve in a letter when you submitted the packet? Also, after applying, what were the procedure for you? Were you called in for an interview alone?
  5. Do you happen to speak Japanese? How long were you married before the divorce? And how long had it been since you got your conditional GC when you divorced? And finally, how long did it take for you to get approval after you ROC'ed alone because you were divorced?
  6. How bad is it not to shave joint bank account ? Also, does the separation affect this negatively? Or should I explain why we separated in a letter as well? During the six months of separation, we both didn't have the address. I stayed at my friend's and him at his family's place. Then now we are on the lease. But during this entire time, I have had insurance for him as a beneficiary. For car insurance, dental/vision, health, and life. Also we did tax returns for the past two years, and also we are still planning to do tax return together for 2019 once we get W2 in 2020.
  7. I am in the following situation and I don't know what to do. Can I apply for ROC alone? 1) Divorce due to US spouse's multiple cheating (I haven't divorced him yet, but I am considering it) 2) Us not living together for half a year 3) Us not sharing the same bank account 4) US spouse on disability checks (We haven't done this yet, but we are considering it) Visa status: I am the beneficiary and I received my conditional green card around October 2018. We got married at the beginning of 2017, so the marriage itself has been for over 2 years, almost 3 years in a few months, but it has been less than 2 years since I got my conditional green card. Current situation: During the marriage, my US spouse cheated on me a few times, but since marriage is a big deal for me, I forgave him, hoping things would be better. Unfortunately, after all that cheating incidents, I have lost faith and love in him, and I am wanting to divorce him. However, I feel like I am stuck now because of this "you have to stay married for 2 years to prove bona-fideness of the marriage" thing. 1) Do I have to stay married regardless of all the infidelity of my US spouse, to prove the realness of the marriage? 2) After his last cheating on me, he devastated me and I stayed at my friend's place for 6 months. My spouse stayed at his parent's place. We are living together again, hoping things would turn in the better direction, but my feeling doesn't seem to come back because of many times he cheated on me and hurt my feelings. How does this affect my ROC if I do proceed to divorce him before my 2 years is up? 3) My spouse has a very bad habit of overspending (on alcohol and legal drug), and he always empties his paycheck quickly. On the other hand, I save every penny, but if we share the same bank account, he will start spending the money I earned on those things. I would love to help with life, bills, food, medical stuff, but I don't think it is fair for him to spend my money on those things. So we don't really do financial commingling. How bad could this be upon ROC by myself? 4) My spouse has not worked for about a year, during which I have been providing for him. He got fired multiple times because of his slacking off. Also he somehow damaged his shoulder, and now he was advised by his doctor not to work for the next 6 months. I have been paying all the bills, rent, our life together, his medical bills, and stuff, and now he cant work for the next 6months. He has 0 saving, and now all of my paycheck and even my saving is decreasing. Can my US spouse be on disability check? Or if you get a green card through marriage, is even the US spouse not allowed to use the public aid like disability check or food stamp? I know USCIS doesn't want the foreigners to use the governmental aid. Apologies for the long post, but it would be greatly appreciated if anyone could help me get some idea on any of the above matters.
  8. I will do my best. My possible future posts would be about ROC/divorce, if my spouse and I cannot work things out. I know it is too early to consider a divorce, and there is no telling what will happen in the future. However, it makes me feel better to know all possible options, and know ahead in case the worst case does happen, and I won't waste my time at that time.
  9. Thank you all for answering so many questions. I will most likely open a new forum when I start wondering about more things... It would be greatly appreciated if you all could help me out again then.
  10. The I864 says that if the US spouse doesn't meet the income requirement, and if the married couple lives together and the international spouse works with enough income, the international spouse can sponsor themselves for the purpose of I864, if the income comes from the same source after the green card is obtained. In this case, joint sponsors aren't needed. The US spouse still has to fill out the I864 though... So maybe even in such cases, the US spouse is held responsible even after a divorce, probably? Let me apologize about that the topic is far off from the original topic ;_;
  11. Thanks for the speedy response! That makes sense. I just had a scary, horrible thought that my spouse might have married me "just to help me out" because we argue a lot and it hasn't been even that long since I obtained the conditional green card through the marriage with him. Basically, the marriage has to have taken place in good faith from both sides, but after the marriage did take place in good faith, is it okay to later start feeling that the marriage was a mistake? Also, in some cases, it is possible for the international side to sponsor themselves for the purpose of I864, if the US spouse side doesn't meet the income requirement. What would happen though, if the international side sponsored themselves, but they end up divorcing? Since there is no joint sponsor involved, the US spouse has no responsibility to take care of the international sides if, say, they divorce and the international side lost their job and becomes homeless or something?
  12. What would happen if the marriage was entered into in good faith from the beneficiary's side, but not from the US spouse's side? Normally, I think it is backwards where the international one marries a US citizen for the purpose of immigration benefits, OR where they both don't love each other, but the US spouse helps the international one for money or some kind. What if, the international side believed the marriage was real and entered into in good faith, but the spouse did that only to help their international partner out? and the international side had no idea about that at the time of marriage, and the US spouse told the truth later?
  13. It makes me feel better to know that you can still apply for ROC alone if you do end up divorcing. Even though my life was already here before marriage because I was a student in the US, I still got hired by my current employer because I told them I don't need work visa sponsor because I am married to a US citizen and I can legally work for them once OPT has expired. and they will not think about sponsoring me for work visa, if I lose my green card, so I really need to keep my status also. I am glad it is not like me ending up with a divorce means I am losing my spouse, losing my job, and losing my life in the US, which would have been devastating. Losing any one of them is already devastating, and I dont think I could ever handle losing all three at the same time.
  14. Thanks all. My concern is actually not just because we currently sleep in different places, but we are on bad terms, and I don't know how soon we can fix this, or we can fix this at all. And at times like this,,, an officer would visit. I am afraid that us being on bad terms might take away my status, but then again, since we have no clue when or whether they will come to our place at all, it seems to be no use worrying about it. I just cannot help but feel stressed out.
  15. This makes me feel slightly better. Actually I work day shift and my spouse works the night shift, so just like you, he comes home when I am about to leave to work. When I come home from work, he is asleep. We don't really get to spend awake time together as much as other couples where they both work the same shift.
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