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  1. Hello, my approval was sent to NVC. Our lawyer has said it can take up 8 to 12 months to get the waiver approved. Just wondering how it works. Does the waiver work in a first come first serve basis? Are they sent to your original center( Nebraska, Texas, etc)? And has anyone had had any luck trying to expedite. Thank you.
  2. Congrats! Did you talk to an operator or was it the machine that told you that? I called and couldn’t get to talk to someone.
  3. I’m getting really ahead of myself, but does anyone know the time frame for the biometrics/ interview? Does it vary?
  4. Would this qualify you to expedite since it was a USCIS mistake?
  5. Update: I got tired of waiting and I sent a letter to my congressman. A rep contacted us and wanted more info. It probably won’t help speed up the process, but it’s worth the try. I will update the outcome. (TSC noa1: Sep 20th.)
  6. Hello everyone, My wife and i filed September 14th. NOA: Sept 20th. paperwork was sent to the Texas facility. I read that august filers have been hearing back. hope to hear great news soon.
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