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  1. Thank you all for all the feedbacks. When my husband helped me filed unfortunately the wrong form we were under enormous stress for various raisons. Mistakes happens. My English was not good. But why didn't USCIS denied it sooner then 17 months and see the mistake?...Will file I-751 asap and written an apology letter. H. Thank you very much for helping me.


  2. My husband file a I-90 instead of the I-751 within the 90 days in March 2017 in order replace ny green card on a CR1 visa entry. I did the Biometrics in May and in November USCIS asked for a copy of the green card. Every month later we received an email stating USCIS is still reviewing our case. It is only by the USCIS Denial letter of December, 2018 that we realized that I was supposed to submit Form I-751 for the Replacement. Preparing to file the I-751 as soon as possible with an explanation letter of my 17 month expired green card but as I see it, a mistake like this is not consider a "good cause". We have a 10 year old child (IR2 10 year visa) that joined us 3 years ago from Vietnam from my previous marriage. Any advice? Thank you H.