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  1. I am glad I am not the only one I wish they would update the status so we all can relax 😕
  2. I got my biometrics done on March 08 2019 and since the case status still shows Case Received. No update regarding the Biometrics that was done. Anyone here got their biometrics done but no change in status regarding the fingerprint?
  3. Removal of Conditions I-751


    12/12/2018 - Mailed I-751 package to Texas 

    12/17/2018 - Package Received at Texas Center 


    12/24/2018 - Received NOA/Extension letter via mail - Nebraska Service Center

    02/08/2019 - Infopass appt

    02/13/2019 - Received Biometrics letter via mail

  4. Anyone receive their biometric appointment letter for receipt number starting with LIN?
  5. It was for $680 and it was cashed after which I received NOA stating Fee was waived and later online they updated the status to ‘Case was received’. the rejection notice was sent for the amended document that my lawyer sent later. I just called USCIS and the customer service person I spoke to said looks like it was rejected because USCIS did not ask for correction and that I should ignore the rejection notice I got today with a different receipt number. I am still worried though. Hope this rejection notice won’t cause a problem
  6. Waiting to hear from my lawyer. Meantime need some suggestions, please. I am freaking out So, my lawyer missed providing additional information in Page 11 for my previous residential address. After discussing with the lawyer, she said she would send an amendment to my petition providing the missing details. Today, i got a rejection notice mail from USCIS along with the amended documents(submitted by my lawyer) and it has receipt number starting with EAC mentioning, the payment amount is incorrect, or has not been provided. My original petition has the receipt number starting with LIN. Edit: My receipt number starting with LIN has status as "Case was received". Question: Has anyone experienced this? Is there a fee to be submitted if an amendment is sent to the original petition?
  7. Received NOA/Extention letter via mail today. Shows processing center as Nebraska Service Center and the status shows “Fee Waived” .. I did not apply for a waiver. Must be an error. Wonder if they will send another letter after correction.
  8. Removal of Conditions I-751 Mailed: 12/12/18 to Texas Received: 12/17/18 at Texas Center Just noticed that my attorney missed adding my previous residential address in Part 11-Additional Information. Will this be a problem?
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