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  1. I had to update mine due to name change and I need the update name in a license and couple other docs. I called my local SS office and was told to drop off all my documents at their office along with a prepaid envelop so that they can mail everything back to me.
  2. My passport finally got shipped today after waiting for almost 3 months! I can finally have a valid ID since my California drivers license expired since April...
  3. it seems like it moves a lot faster for most people here. I applied in Phoenix AZ. It's been over 2 month. Still impatiently waiting since I need to get my drivers license and SS card updated next.
  4. My oath ceremony has been rescheduled as well to June 19. I am in Cali and no guests allowed here either
  5. have you checked your uscis account? I got my rescheduling notice there on 3/12.
  6. my oath ceremony for this Thursday just got cancelled due to coronavirus. Anyone else's appointment got cancelled?
  7. oath ceremony scheduled for next week! can't believe my visa journey is about to end and I can't wait to shred years of documents I saved.
  8. passed the interview today! waiting for the oath ceremony to be scheduled.
  9. Has anyone here rescheduled an interview? I just got the interview notice in the mail but the date is too close to my baby's due date. In the notice, it says mail in the notice along with the reschedule notice. Is the request to reschedule process pretty efficient and easy? Just wanted to get an idea how long it usually takes for them to respond and reschedule. Thanks in advance!
  10. Has anyone rescheduled a N400 interview? It is just as simple as noted in the notice and would it delay the process significantly? Thanks in advance! I need to reschedule since I am pregnant and the interview date is around my due date.
  11. Just got an email this morning that my interview has been scheduled!! Hopefully it will be after April since my baby is due in 3 weeks. What documents do we need to bring to the interview? Based on the USCIS website, we only need to bring GC, interview letter and another form of iD.
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