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  1. Pray that she doesn't get a immigration attorney. If she does she will claim VAWA and try and hold you accountable for the I-864. But I'm told if she does claim VAWA then she will have to file a I-864W which would take you off the hook.
  2. Yes same here although I'm told this is normal that USCIS won't give a response but it sure would be nice. At least I know that the I-485 was denied. But until my final court date for divorce I won't know. It's been over a year since I filed divorce and still waiting for final hearing. I withdrew my I-864 in 2017 in front of a USCIS Officer at the I-485 adjustment of status hearing where we were both suppose to attend. I went alone and explained why I felt the whole marriage was a scam. At that time the USCIS officer had me write on a form which I made out and printed up that in addition I would like to withdraw my I-864 affidavit of support. I had her beneficiary number on that form and other information. I had know idea the seriousness of the I-864 this whole process from that interview to this very day has truly consumed my life. I want this to be over so tired of dealing with this just want to move on. I have had to hire a divorce attorney and a immigration attorney it has cost me thousands of dollars and every time we meet in court her attorney keeps asking for more and more.
  3. Thanks for response I hope the Judge see's it this way. I just don't see how she could enforce the I-134 since that is non binding contract and the I-864 I withdrew in front of a USCIS officer and the I-485 denied. And to top it all off this is a contract between me and the United States Government and has nothing to do with me and my soon to be ex spouse. Plus everything should be dead and withdrawn she has no way to citizenship unless she uses VAWA and files her own I-864W. I have been printing out a lot of these forum topics to use and show to my attorney. I know he will not really give these posts to much attention but when there are documents that support ones findings it clearly should show that these are both null and void.
  4. I'm not worried about any charges I have done nothing wrong. I texted her and that's the only thing I did. What I'm scared and worried about is her immigration lawyer wants to try and use the I-864 and I-134 against me in divorce case. So of course worried about that. Even though the I-485 was denied so now she is claiming VAWA. I just want this divorce to be over with maybe I'll be able to sleep at night again. I have hired a immigration attorney to write a letter of opinion with all the details I have for her. Also I have a regular divorce attorney hopefully between the 2 of them the I-864 and !-134 get tossed.
  5. Thanks I hate be scared and worried always Can't wait until divorce is done whenever they set the final hearing.
  6. Is there anyway she can keep the denied I-485 alive to file with VAWA? If she files the I-360 ? I see that when people who claim VAWA file the I-360 and the I-485. Or does she need to redo the I-485 with this new form?
  7. Ok from my understanding the I-130 have no support affidavit with it. I have withdrawn the I-864 already and the I-485 has been denied. She deleted all the forms off my computer and the cloud so have no Idea what the receipt number is anyways. I don't know if this is worth chasing after or not? The I-134 is non-binding that was done with K1 & K3 visa.
  8. Does anyone know of a actual immigration attorney who would be will to state this quote to be true? "That once the I-485 is denied the I-864 becomes null and void." ? Another quote her "Denied I-485 = dead I-864...she can not adjust through you....immigration case closed as far as you are concerned" Anyone know a immigration attorney who agrees with these statements? Thanks If this could be verified by a actual immigration attorney where I could receive a email or letter stating this I would feel much better going to court with a letter of opinion. Even better letter of fact!
  9. Does anyone know of a actual immigration attorney who would be will to state this quote to be true? "That once the I-485 is denied the I-864 becomes null and void." ?
  10. I appreciate the response. I just hope the judge see's it the same way. He's already taking the I-134 and I-864 into consideration even though my lawyer has stated that this is a contract between myself and the U.S. Government. I have a feeling this is going to trial since my ex lawyer isn't budging. My lawyer is in contact with a immigration attorney for more advise when it comes right down to it there the ones who decide what can and will be included in the case so I hope there is someway of showing all my details and not caving in on anything.
  11. The judge will be looking at this claim during the final judgment of support this has been his determination. Also will look at the I-134. She is looking for spousal and child support for her son who is 13.
  12. The I-864 and I-134 have been mentioned in court at least 5 times each. So yes grave concern. This has been by her immigration attorney.
  13. I'll just try and keep contacting USCIS in the end what a heart breaking toll this has been. The cost behind everything is already over 40 Thousand. Hope this ends in 2019. Romania.
  14. Yes have attorney her big issues are the forms I-864 and I-134 the problem with divorce and immigration attorneys no one has a clear cut decision on the financial obligation of each form. one say I-134 is useless other says its good for a certain time. The I-864 is another story.
  15. I withdrew the I-864? in 2017 but never get anything in the mail? So that's why I'm wonder if it was withdrawn? Because interview was around same time frame. Well no one seems to have the answer but thanks for all responses. I'll just keep sending in more letters to USCIS to find out if the I-864 was withdrawn. Thanks.