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  1. Hello Everyone! I have a question regarding getting an SSN and health insurance. My fiancee arrived in the US a little over a month ago, and we are getting married in the coming 2 weeks. Obviously health insurance is very expensive in the US, and my fiancee and I would prefer to not have to buy it for him until he can work (if possible). I am currently on my parents' plan, and can remain there for a while. Is a K1 visa holder required to buy health insurance? Or can he go without until he gets his green card or work authorization? Will we receive a tax penalty if he doesn't get insured? Also, health insurance asside, are K1 visa holders required to get their SSN numbers in the first 90 days? We don't need an SSN to get married, however I suppose I can't claim him on my taxes if he doesn't have an SSN. Thanks for the help!
  2. Hi everyone! Looking for advice from other Algerian filers - I know some folks have had trouble leaving with a one way ticket , is it true that its adviceable to buy a round trip ticket? Thanks!
  3. Hi Everyone, I am currently on my dad's health insurance, which I will be kicked off once I get married. My fiancee just got his k1 visa and is planning to come this October/November. I will qualify for my company's insurance on December 1st, and my fiancee can also enroll with me. My question is, is it illegal for him to be ininsured for that 1.5 months in between his arrival and when we qualify for my company's plan? Thanks!
  4. Hello Everyone! My fiancee and I are trying to figure out when he should arrive, he was issued his K1 visa on Sep 18th. The expiration date is for March 3rd, and we were thinking we need about a month in between him arriving and us getting married to get his SSN. My question is, how do we know after submitting our AOS that he is legally able to stay in the country after his visa expires? I told him as long as we submit our AOS before 90 days after his arrival, we should be good - but he's concerned about that. Should he arrive sooner so we get his temporary working permit and travel permit before March 3rd? In other words, is he allowed to stay in the country on an expired K1 Visa as long as we are married before the 90 days and filed for AOS? Does he need a temporary working permit before March 3rd? Thanks in advance!
  5. Hello! My fiancee had his interview on August 28th and was approved at the interview. They took his passport and immediately after the interview, his status was changed to "Application Received" on CEAC. As of today, it has been changed to Administrative Processing, and we have not been contacted to provide any additional documentation. Has anyone else gone through this? I've done some digging and it seems fairly normal.
  6. Hi Everyone! I am nearing the end of this process, and filling out my I-134. My fiancee's interview is on August 28, in fact, when I last visited I gave him a copy of an I-134, however, since then I have gotten a new job. I suppose my first question is, should I fill out a new I-134 and send it to him before his interview? I'm guessing I will have to, which is no problem. The real problem is, I'm a recent college graduate using a co-sponser (my mom). Despite this I still want to provide clear information that I'm financially stable (which I am as of recently). When I graduated this May, I took a temporary position at an hourly rate. As of now, I've been offered a permenant position at another company making more money. The new position is hourly, but annually it would put us well above the poverty line. So in terms of my real question, when the I-134 asks for your annual income, is that the income on your last tax transcript? Or is that your expected income? Because my income on my last year's tax transcript is well below the poverty line since I was in school, but I am now making well above the poverty line. Also, since I'm paid hourly and don't know my "annual salary" should I just convert it by the hours I'm expected to work? What do people do when they are making an hourly rate? Thank you!!!!
  7. Thank you so much! But would that include signatures? Like does the translators signature need to be wet?
  8. Hi everyone! I need to get some documents translated for my fiancee to bring to the embassy. For the I129F I used RushTranslate and that worked pretty well so Id like to use them again since they specialize in this. My question is, does the translator's signature have to be in wet ink? Or can I use a photocopy? What have other people done? It would be much easier to use a photocopy, but I dont want to risk it either. The bigger issue is that DHL is super far away from where I live so if its not necessary Id rather not have to ship it out. Thanks!
  9. Its been ready since June 9th - so I guess about 10ish days - but I assume weekends dont count.
  10. Hi there! We havent gotten any email - I dont even think they have his email. We've been trying to call the embassy but they hang up the call 😕 I havent gotten the instruction packet either. Should we fill out the DS-160 before getting instructions? Is there anything we need to do to get instructions?
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