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  1. justlove

    Interview APPROVED!!

    Got my "Issued" status just now
  2. justlove

    Interview APPROVED!!

    Yeah, me too. We are still on AP, it should change soon. 😊
  3. justlove

    Interview APPROVED!!

    We are on the same boat. Immigrant, AP, at the moment.
  4. justlove

    Interview APPROVED!!

    Still on AP too. Will keep you posted...
  5. I see. We are still on AP status. Hope it changes to issued soon. Thanks, Hank
  6. Got approved last Thursday, March 14. Still no update on ustraveldocs...
  7. justlove

    Interview APPROVED!!

    Hello. Congratulations! We got approved also. Do you have updates on the 2go tracking yet? My traveldocs account is still empty and my passport cannot be tracked yet...
  8. We have the same slot!
  9. Hey! See you then. What time is your interview? 2nd day is faster, she can come earlier than 2pm to finish earlier
  10. Hello. I just finished my med exam and passed also. Here is my experience: Date Feb 27 to Feb 28 Day 1 - Arrived at 7:30 AM and finished at 11:30 AM. I was told to go back at 11:30am the following day Steps: Information - checking of requirements Cashier Lab for Bld Exam and Urinalysis Xray ***The lady rad tech took 3 shots! I was also told to inhale deeply which I have been trying to do. Immunization history Physical Exam Day 2 - Arrived at 9:30am finished at 12:30pn Steps: Went to the guard and showed receipt and passport. Guard told me to go back to xray 3flr. I got nervous. The receptionist told me I have to do another repeat xray. I got scared that I would have to do the sputum exam etc. Luckily, the result was negative and lungs are cleared. I was told to go to the 2nd floor for immunization. After immunization, went to the releasing area, GF. They gave me an envelope (do not open) CD and vaccine record. My interview date is March 14
  11. Our interview date is March 14. Is it OK to do my medical exam on Monday. Is it too early? Do I have to do it 2-3 weeks before my interview date?
  12. justlove

    Interview availability

    I have scheduled the interview and it is March 14. March 7 is the first available appointment. I saw 68 slots March 14 - 64 slots
  13. justlove

    My medical experience at st.lukes extention

    Is SLEC open on weekends (Saturday and Sunday) or just weekdays only? Thanks
  14. justlove

    Interview availability

    Hello. After putting the receipt number in cgifederal and when I click continue, will the platform allow me to pick a schedule for the interview? Thank you