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  1. Please anyone can help us We need help with our immigration case we been married 6 years and now my husband passed interview and they requested him for chats of 2012. We don't have them we tried every single thing but we couldn't get them.
  2. Hello Please I'm writing this to see if there's people who are in same boat .my husband passed his interview and they requested from him chats back to 2012 and we sent all we could find . But they insisting about 2012 chats. But we lost them . It is impossible to give them something we don't have Thank you Visa:ir1 Country: Morocco
  3. Thank you . We meet through Facebook and we lost those chats we didn't think we will need them. I tried mlion times all we could find is 2015 conversations. But as i said we cannot give them something that we lost long time ago . I'm willing to send letter to embassy and explain that in details. My husband already stated during interview that we don't have those anymore. But if they going to deny us again for this i don't know what to say
  4. Hello I would like to know if anyone in same boat as we are. My husband had his second interview on July after our case was reaffirmed then they asked him for our chats back in 2013. But we didn't find them we didn't save those. We sent the embassy what we have and they still requesting those chats in order to finish our visa application .but we cant give them something we don't have. Please if anyone went through same thing any advice will be appreciated. Visa:IR1 Country:Morocco
  5. My husband's second interview was july 29th, 2019. The Co asked him for additionale evidence . I don't know why this is taking so long. We have submitted every document required and have not heard anything about the visa. Please can anyone tell me how much longer this is going to take? We started this August 2016. I'm ready to be reunited with my husband. Our case was place under administration processing.
  6. Hello everyone 


    My husband passed interview and they told him we need 2013 chats which we don't have . This is our second interview. 

    We can't give them something we don't have. 

    I hope someone who went through this to give us some advices 




  7. They didnt said he was approved. They said he needs to provide chats of 2013 but we dont have them anymore. Im here in Morocco with him . Plus they didnt give him any paper
  8. Dear members My husband passed his interview today and he was asked to submit only chats and his passport. But i heard that reaffirmed cases always need new medical exam. Please anyone can explain to me what's going on here? Thank you for your consideration on this matter Case :ir1 country : Morocco
  9. Dear all My husband and I been in this process for 4 years we applied for cr1 and got sent back to uscis and after months we sent evidence and got reaffirmed so now ...we got our second interview after this long years of waiting. We are not sure what we will expect? Anyone walking in this boat I would like advice or anything can help Thank you, Visa type:ir1 Country : Morocco
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