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  1. Hello, my wife and I recently filed her AOS applications and she would like to change her hair color from her natural brown to blonde. Is this a bad idea? Would it raise questions at the interview? Thank you!
  2. Hello, my wife and I filed for AOS last week and our application package was delivered today (1/2/2019). Would it be okay to travel within the US before they send any notices? I know it seems like a dumb question but I’m a little worried with the current administration.
  3. Thank you very much for the response! And you are right, when we entered the US she came back to finish her OPT and to start nursing school. We thought for sure she would get in... and the fact that she is currently at her OPT job now supports the fact that she is here for school first. I gather that from an immigration officers standpoint it would probably bring up more questions and suspicions if we don’t point out our trip together on our application? Plus it really shows our commitment to one another. I took two weeks off of work and paid for most of it so that we could go together and spend quality time with her family. Is the the officers decision heavily based on how real they perceive the relationship to be? Should we include as much as we can about this? I’ve been freaking out about the paperwork and technicalities. thank you again!!
  4. Okay great, thank you for the quick response! Now that I think about it there isn’t much to worry about. she is finishing her OPT now, and re entered the US to do so before we had any idea she wasn’t accepted to Nursing school. So that supports the fact there wasn’t intent when we came back. Thank you!
  5. Hello all, Would it be advisable to use a vacation my wife and I took to her home country as evidenced of a Bona Fide marriage? I know that it seems the obvious answer is yes, but here is the background. TLTR: Got married within 90 days of a vacation to wife’s home country. Have heard this could be considered visa fraud under a 90 day rule. Looking for advice/clarity. I am a US citizen. My wife is an F1 student from South Korea. We met about two years ago and have been together ever since. In August of 2018 we decided to go on vacation to South Korea so that I could meet her family and learn more about her culture. At the time we had no intention of marrying soon, we had talked about it but planned on waiting until she had finished nursing school. Upon return to the US (sep 14) we received notification that she had not been accepted to nursing school. So we were faced with a difficult choice. To get marrie d or to try our luck at long distance relationship while she was required to return to Korea and reapply to nursing school.(because her F1 OPT is finished at the end of December, and at that time, her F1 visa expires.. unless she were to be accepted into another school and got a new i20) And because of the timing there were no alternative schools she could apply to and be accepted without a lapse in visa. The issue I’m worried about is that we got back from Korea on Sep 14 and got married Oct 7th (30 days apart). And she entered on an F1 visa, which prohibits immigrant internet. I have heard that it could be assumed we had immigrant intent when she entered on her f1 since we married within 90 days. Aka visa fraud. Should I be worried? And will they know about our trip anyways?
  6. Okay great. Thank you! That makes sense, I will probably do the same but briefly explain why they are difffent bellow in the extra space.
  7. Hello. Hopefully someone has had a similar question. When filling out employer information some of my W2s show different a addresses and companies from where I worked. For instance I worked for Pacific Capital Resource Group In WA however the W2 shows Penn Mutual Insurance... The parent company of Pacific Capital.. I also worked for a Hotel in ID.. But the hotel was ran by a company called Columbia Hospitality in Seattle WA. and the W2 shows Seattle and Columbia Hospitality. Should I write what the w2s say in the application, or should I write the business and location at which I was employed? I worry that since the w2s don't line up with where I lived and worked, this will raise questions. Has anyone else had this issue? Thank you!