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  1. Mr &Mrs Gomes. Dont feel.worried we do experience that. You just follow the all they want from that REF. They will give a letter what you exact to do. And after you give that to them. They have a decision i think 1 to 2 months.. God bless
  2. Why my passport status is no status when i e.mail and the ceac status is issued. It will be 10 day tomorrow. Please help me..
  3. The consul said to me wait for two weeks to recieved my passport and he give paper that guide me about.domestic violence and number to call to confirm the address to send me.the passport.. thats all..
  4. Ben&Zian, thank you so much for your reply..yes thats i really need to do.now..wait and pray..
  5. I have been interview feb 21,2019 and i see my status is admenistrative.. what is that mean..
  6. Yes.thats i do if they dont it this week..
  7. Just this afternoon i told them coz i dont know that if i have that mnl #its okay to have an appooinment in phone or online..they only tell.me.to.wait that eligibility letter and im wondering why i not yet it recieved i been e.mailing us.embassy but no reply. I.e.mail.nvc they reply me that my records already the forward in manila..consulate
  8. Yes..i told my agent to do.online or..phone..for my.schedule..
  9. Yes..i have it..already since july.24 2018 The only problem my agent dont do there.work..now..i know.all.the process coz they tell me only.to.wait.that eligibility letter im so.disappointed..
  10. Hank..and cyberfx1024 thank you for the info..God bless Hello..Cyberfx1024. Im from philippines.yes i have already my NOA2 letter already this jul 24.2018 i.recieved..
  11. Hello..Cyberfx1024. Im from philippines. And my fiance is u.s.cetizin. yes i have already my NOA2 letter already this jul 24.2018 i.recieved.. but still now i.dont have an..schedule for interview and medical too..
  12. Please help me..what i should.do till now i dont recieved my eligibility letter. Its been 5 months since i recieved nvc letter of approval.please need your.advice..thank you
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