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  1. Omgggg we r in the same position and am just soo faustrated!! We don’t even know wat to do!😞😞
  2. Did you ever get your visa after your Administrative Processing?? Because we also in the same boat 

  3. Hello, my fiancé is in the same position. Were you finally approved?
  4. How did it all for you before you sent in your passport? My fiancé has his passport as well. Please share if possible
  5. Hello everyone, we have been checking the CEAC website for an update on the case and the dates keep changing from the December 6th he had his interview till the 18th but no update today. Does anyone know why. Still says administrative processing
  6. Because it ready for the next step which might be issued. So let’s pray.
  7. Aaw that’s very nice. Me and my fiancé are All Ghanaians. So now that he had his passport is it a bad sign?🥺🥺. And thank you. I know it a lot of patience💕🙏🏽🙏🏽
  8. Oh ok. Her status says Ready now?? It should be ready for pick up soon.
  9. Really?? really?? Till now? Wat was her problem again? My case was updated today?
  10. Yes we did it whiles here and he got it on Monday so we sent it in and they said they will let us know when the review is done. Just wondering how long it gonna take. She said 3-one week for him so don’t know. Are you Ghanaian?
  11. He was interviewed in Naples because that’s where he is and not Ghana. They just needed a police certificate from Ghana because he’s Ghanaian and used to be there. So they couldn’t make a decision based on just the Italian police certificate
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