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  1. 751HK- best way to do it option 2... say you don’t have your receipt number and all and keep saying it till they transfer it to an actual person ... following instruction will get you just to automative system. hope this helps!
  2. I am hopeful all October 2017 folks will get approved soon! i am eac1800600 - I never received any transfer notice however on the case status it said received at local office April 9th
  3. Hey, thanks so much! And yes... it’s been a long wait. N400 it is...
  4. Hey, case tracker and then I checked the website case status. Also- no interview and no RFE.
  5. Hahah! Yeah..thanks so much! This was by far the most stressful time... now n400 time... all the best to you, Dilip!
  6. It’s been pending for over 460 days. My NOA date is October 6th and card being produced (means approved) on Jan 11th! Thanks so much!
  7. YOU GUYS!!!! Just noticed (card is being produced) approved on Jan 11th!!! I am so beyond relieved! Will let you all know once card is on hand!
  8. Hey Dilip- it’s EAC1800600XXX 4 cases before mine were approved from dec- and one today I am waiting... and no I did not file for N400 yet. I hope you are right tho...
  9. Jesus. Can’t win... back to waiting... I am hopeful that I will get ny card before or by feb. good luck to all of you guys!
  10. So leaving the letters on the side ... do you suggest me getting the stamp ? Because my route is also from Delhi to dc via Dubai