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  1. I have plan to send application for naturalization this days. Can you guys tell me how long it takes to be requested for interview because I’m going on vacation in May or July and I want to be sure that i’m gonna be here for interview.
  2. My case has been approved since January 8, and my case online was still ‘in local office’ , my green card arrived yesturday and then I got update case ‘card was delivered to me’. So maybe you will recieve your green card this days or your case will be update this days.
  3. I just recognise that your case is still card produced, my case has been approved sinse January 8 but it didn’t show me online, I saw that when my green card arived at home. Wait a couple of days maybe you can see update.
  4. You can not see chart just when you open app. First, you should write case number and number of cases you want to check and wait until it is finished. After that you can see chart symbol on the top right corner.
  5. No, last update was - Case In The Local Office , March 5.
  6. So you are before me, I hope to se some movement in transfered cases..
  7. Recieved my new 10 year Green Card and Approval Notice. I hope to see good news for all of you guys.
  8. How you mean equal? Those ‘others’ cases are still pending. The ’approved’ was in ‘other’ section before they are approved.. You can see on my old screenshots that cases in ‘other’ section was over 400 and now they moved to 363. At the end of december ‘other’ cases was about 473 which mean that there is about 100 approved.
  9. The cases whose are not approved is in ‘other’ section like ‘In local office, transfered’ and others..