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    I’m already thinking of hiring an immigration lawyer but I’m really trying to figure this on my own as much as possible so it costs less.
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    I guess the only thing I can do is really wait?
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    Proxy marriage is legal in the states, and I’m not trying to immigrate to the PI cos I was a citizen there before, so all the law we abide to is with the U.S. jurisdiction. As much as I’d like to apply for a CR-1 for her, our marriage is not even recognized by USCIS yet? I guess we really just just have to wait until we consummate it? In addition, I’d like to ask if anyone know if I can apply in person in the Philippines instead. I’ve read so much about it but I’m just not entirely sure as to how that’ll work if I’m active duty military?
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    No, she didn’t. She’s basically still single in the Philippines. In addition we are also same sex so it won’t be recognized there.
  5. Good Morning/Noon, I am trying my luck and see if someone can best advice me as to what I can do to petition my wife here in U.S. To start off, I am a Active Duty Military serving in the Navy. We just got married last September 27,2018 we've been together since June 27, 2016 and we've seen each other in person already and that was in Dec 20, 2017 for 11 days as I went back to the Philippines. We are married through double proxy marriage that is currently being done in Montana. I already went to the JAG Legal office and the guy was somewhat not helpful because he even just used google for my situation which I could've done my self. He advised us to just apply for the K-1 Visa, however I will be going to the Philippines this coming February 2019 and will spend a month with her which will technically make our marriage "CONSUMMATED" and will become recognized for a I-130 petition. My issue is, I will change my duty station in Dec 2019 and I do not know if I will be attached to a ship or actually sent overseas. I wanted to file as soon as I can. Do you think it will be a problem if I file a K-1 Visa now (December 2018) but our marriage is actually going to be consummated in (Feb 2019)? I really don't want to wait until it gets "consummated" because it'll also take some time off on the actual processing. In addition, If I file a I-130 we don't even have any joint accounts yet because we just got married. I hope you can advice me. Thank you!