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  1. Really!!! Congratulations I got transfered to Vermont I was in California WAC18023***** I’m still waiting 451 days in total.
  2. Yes, you are right we have to keep being patient.
  3. Good morning any aprovals today? Im WAC1802300*** California they moved it to Vermont. I’m still waiting my case has 451 days.
  4. We are the same my case is WAC18023 was in California they moved it to Vermont.
  5. I’m WAC18023 and I’m still waiting they transferred from California to Vermont.
  6. Congratulations!!!! How long does it take you to got your GC?
  7. Yes I’m using the same one I hope that my case will be approve soon. Did they move your case?
  8. I’m October 23/2017 and I’m still watting they move my case from California to Vermont I’m WAC18023