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  1. I didn’t online I sent it by regular mail that’s why I think that I can’t print it when did you file?
  2. I’ll look it up thank you. it looks like for people who mailed got the biometrics letter with in 8 days.
  3. That’s great!! They got my N400 by regular mail on 04/11/2019 then on 04/17/2019 I got the text message with the case number on 04/20/2019 I got and update in the app saying that my biometrics appointment was scheduled and sent it I’m still haven’t gotten anything in the mail yet.
  4. Hoho!! Just I got the notitification on my phone last Wednesday I didn’t get the letter yet so I don’t know what the asking for but I let you know when I’ll have it.
  5. I got this email yesterday. Did somebody had the same email?
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