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  1. that s actually a gd thing, i thought the referral # is given just to have it and check with the phone through USCIS, thx a lot for the information Kahllaf, really appreciate the help
  2. yep i remember they gave an expedite referral #, mine started with TS or something like that.
  3. if you mean the initial case number, yes we have one. but i dont know what WAC means? out case started with LIN if that what you mean. Thx
  4. Im sorry to hear that your expedite was denied, i thought i was supposed to receive an answer within 5 days to 2 weeks max, that was Dec2018. still didnt' hear anything, and everytime we call, we get the same answer "Still showing nothing from the review of the expedite request". Thank you
  5. I hope that's what happened, thx a lot for your comment i know, same here, last time i called was Dec2018 n still didnt hear anything, hopefully, we hear some gd news soon. thx
  6. Thank you so much for your reply, she s still in Iraq yes when we filed for her, We expedited her case around Nov 2018 Yes, i filed when i got my citizenship so taking the case home doesnt mean that they will work on it "faster" ? Thanks again. that should be a gd news i hope. thx for your comment.
  7. Morning all im a US citizen and trying to bring my mother from Iraq, we filed the I-130 for her on June 2018, also we submitted an expedite request for her case due to humanitarian reasons, and her case is in Nebraska service center. Last time we visited the Houston visa service center on February 2019, we were informed by a USCIS officer that the case was taken home by an officer/case supervisor 48 hours ago for telework?. My question is, can anyone help on this issue, did anyone hear about this "telework" thingy before? according to the processing times, such cases are supposed to take 7-10 months, and we still didn't hear anything about my mother's case. Thank you all for the help.
  8. Hello everyone, I'm a US citizen and my wife is a Canadian citizen, we filed the I-130 package for her including I-130, I-131, I-765, I-485, I-864. We are waiting now for her travel document. My question is, as a Canadian citizen, can she travel to Canada and come back to the US even without her travel document? Thank you