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  1. Exactly my point. Now you see applying for even the Visas is even terrible too. Or do i hold up the documents like a banner? You don't expect me to show you my documentation, then you give a blue paper because I am not married and have a child and I have not been outside Nigeria before. What if i don''t have anyone to invite me? And some guy comes here to talk ill of people he hasn't even seen before!
  2. You don't blame them. Nigerians are monsters, And the Syrians and ISIS Iraqis are angels They just know Nothing. Nigeria , Kenya and SA are ahead in software solutions here in Africa, and I am very proud that I know somethings and have worked on few things even the whites here have worked on. To them all Nigerians are broke and poor. Ignorance , really is terrible.
  3. Shows you don't know anything about what goes on here. Your ideas , in your head... that's your own issues. You have a good life.
  4. I have a Bsc Computer science and Statistics. A Diploma in Software Engineering, Have another Certification in Cyber Security. I have taught .NET in 2 companies and written several documentations on system take overs and software security. I currently work as a Solutions Architect and they send me to Companies here in Nigeria to do jobs for them. I presently completed a job for WEMA bank, I built their travel Request application, the one with Bank of Industry here is on the way... before heading on to Total to design this their Portal where they can upload videos and documents to make reference to Later on, I just completed their E-Learning customized portal which was built too. Amongst one or two of the software I have used , Most were studies on the internet i got , plus going onsite as a vendor made me work hand in hand with other staff of Total. I am not a layabout, I have a Job that gives me good Pay. Many of these people think Nigerians are thieves , lol I am one of those Honest Nigerians who work hard for my daily bread and i am proud, very proud of it. Stop denting Nigerians as bad people.
  5. Preparation for a visa come Naught in the end , makes you think that? You are more matured than this sir i believe.
  6. lol, Because I am Nigerian? So officially all Nigerians are bad or what exactly? So it means every Nigerian is bad and want to Run from other nations to Pollute the other nations they run to. How do you think things out? Like i said , If I go some place else to have that knowledge , I do not see myself coming to the US again for now. I remember someone asking me if I wanted to get something like an H1B , Me not replying to that comment means I have no interest in that. Other than that, I can go to Israel or Germany and expand from there. I have a skill in Software Engineering mind you. US is not seen to me as a Destination. Besides I didnt gather and know what i know now in the US. Kindly stop making it an Issue.
  7. I hear you máam I dont see how going for a conference to help my life poses me a potential threat. If i do not go to the US, I mean i can have patience and go some place else and still have that knowledge. I just came to share ideas and know where i went wrong so if I am applying to come for that conference next time i wouldnt make mistakes. I build solutions for Oil and gas companies hence i dont get to see why if i partake and understand what goes wrong and what goes right... is a bad thing. Reputation for my nation is bad , I know but somehow not all of us have bad intentions. I rest my case.
  8. Í have another one going on In brazil , possibly I might relax and go later on. I dont plan to schedule for even next Month. November is far away, hence I can even relax and go some other places and try applying again come Next year.
  9. No desperation here ma. Expanding my Shores of knowledge , and thats all.
  10. CO Did not look at my document , Just asked those questions and gave me 214b, No letters , Nothing. My downfall should be maybe because i am not married , and having not visited any nation before. thats what peeps be saying here.
  11. Well i do Own properties here , Plus I am the only son of my Parents here too and besides only having my own job and some other things , Myself and my father own a Business here as well. Plus i work. I dont know maybe i should have this in my next Ds-160 come November. I even thank God its not a Pink paper given. Most fellas here says i have not traveled before and that happens to be my downfall. So i guess i would have to work on my travel for a conference some other place before I try by November again.
  12. Absolutely not. I don't have an immediate family there in America as i told the V.O (Basically i don't have to lie) I just wanted to learn some few things and add to what I know about Oil and gas , Naval Engineering and architecture , software solutions and all. I plan on owning a company sometime in the near future. And i don't see a reason why Navy , Oil and gas companies or Companies in the Energy sector would not be a client. No harm in learning new things , don't you think so. I don't see USA as a travel destination. OTC was also held in Brazil and I think Chile , should it be held here in Nigeria, I would also go for the conference as well. Its about sharpening my mind, not running away.
  13. You have a point. Let me work on my travel History. I guess that answers all questions. No wife, no child and basically I dont have something bringing me back home. Suppose i have visited a nation and come back, and followed immigration laws, i guess i wouldnt have this problem. I have learnt. possibly, when i want to try next time , i know who hit up to help me out
  14. Hmm True though. I am just going to have to re-fill again for next time.
  15. Thats them, all documents I have came from My office and duly stamped. Not everyone is Fraudulent Sir. some people make honest money and sweat for it. Thank you.
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