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  1. Hopefully, that is the case for me too. I submitted 751 in January and no news yet on it. Thanks.
  2. Wow! So it was fast! I applied on Dec 9th and I am waiting for for bio-metrics. My 751 is pending too. Did you have to do anything specifically to get a combo interview or it will be automatically a combo interview?
  3. Hi I just applied my N400 online and I live in Sterling VA. Anybody has applied in 2018 in Northern Virginia here? I would love to get some information about the real wait time.
  4. Nice! That's good news! when did you submitted you application?
  5. Thank you Amhara for all the details. I had no idea we need to request for a combo interview. I will definitely contact USCIS when my interview is scheduled. It appears that you have knowledge about this process so I have another question for you. My GC expired in 03/02/2017 and I applied for ROC on 01/23/2017. I didn't submit the notice ,which I received from USCIS to inform me that my GC is extended for 18 months, on my N400 application. is that going to be an issue? basically when they are reviewing my N400, they will see my green card is expired but there is no evidence on the fact that I have applied for removal of condition.
  6. I just read this forum and I got very nervous. I applied for my removal of condition in January 2018 and I was eligible to apply for citizenship on December 5th of 2018. I just submitted my N400 last night but I see some people are talking about getting the ROC approved first and then applying for citizenship. is there such a condition? I thought as long as I have applied for ROC (still pending) I will be eligible to apply for citizenship. Can you please give me some information about this?
  7. I filed my I-751 on paper and That might be the reason which I don't have the online number. The account which I created for n400 online doesn't have such a number either.
  8. I know what you mean but am looking for people who have experience to see what is the right way of doing this. I don't want to risk it.
  9. Hi everyone, I am submitting my n400 form online and it is asking for "USCIS Online Account Number". I have never submitted any form online so I don't have such a number. what should I do? leave it blank? Thanks,
  10. I have one more question here. I am going to submit my N400 online and it is asking for "USCIS Online Account Number" which I don't have. how should find out if I really have this number or not?
  11. That makes sense now. Thank you @AK_2014
  12. Yes, I am sure because it says "Tax Return Transcript". I just checked the FAQs and it confirms that it only shows last 4 digits of SSN and first 4 letters of last names. so I assume I should be good. what do you think? https://www.irs.gov/individuals/about-the-new-tax-transcript-faqs
  13. I wasn't able to get my Tax return transcript online so we logged in using my husband's account we downloaded the transcript for last 3 years which have filed married and joint together. I have 2 questions. 1- Is that an issue to submit those transcripts? 2- I see our full name is not written on transcript and the address is cut off and it shows only last 4 digits of SSN for both of us. Is this normal?
  14. Hi, I am new to this forum and I have a question. I got our Tax Return Transcript online but there is no name of me or my husband on it. there are only last 4 digits of our SSN. also the address is cut off. is that normal?