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  1. Thank you for the bank information. As far as I know, he is the only one who needs to interview. We will both have to later but that gives us more time to learn the languages better.
  2. I know more MSA than Darija. I do not know what my proficiency is. I focused a lot on pronunciation. I can say the little I do know and sound fluent with almost perfect pronunciation. I need a lot of work. I need a lot more vocabulary. I am more interested in MSA. I learn from online friends and self study. I learned the basics from a friend who also has a Moroccan husband.
  3. I think education and language are the only red flags. I have a BS. He quit high school in Morocco to work. One agreement we had is that he has to get a GED once here and a trade. We used translation in the beginning. We can speak to each other now in both Arabic and English but we still use translator half the time. He is older than I am by 7 years but I do not think that is a big problem. I will once I begin and figure out how. LOL.
  4. The two of us never had the best relationship. She doesn't support anything I do so I am use to it. Thank you. Same applies. Message me anytime.
  5. The next step can take her an additional 6 months. Is this correct? Does he come over after the second step?
  6. Ok. I will start there. I was afraid of the same thing. I do not have the support of my mother but my dad, sister, cousin, and a couple of friends will help.
  7. I have spent one month in Morocco. We have known each other for two years before marriage. I'd like to go back soon but neither of us are rich and it is expensive.
  8. How long did approval take? How long did it take to get your name changed on everything? I'd like to do this before submitting my I-130?
  9. He is in Morocco. I am in the United States. How will we do this?
  10. I am filing for my husband. How important is it that I send supplemental documents? What should be sent? Are pictures enough? What should be included in letters by family members and friends? What can I add to the application so they so they know our relationship is real? Please help. Examples would be great.