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  1. Hi all, Just a quick last question, as I’m preparing to resend the forms tomorrow.. The letter that USCIS sent back to me (attached) was on top of every form they returned. Should I be leaving this letter on top and send it back as they sent it to me (obviously minus the error) - or should I remove this page from every form?
  2. Thank you and everyone else so much for your help. We will amend this section and change the “memo” on the cheque, along with printing off all new forms just to confirm they are 100% up to date. Thank you all again. Wish us luck! 🤞
  3. I needed to validate my immunisations, I was told by the doctor in London when I Had my medical dome there that I would need to have that done once I get to New York, as I didn’t have my jabs dome then although I got them dome before I left for the USA. I didn’t have a full medical here, it only cost me $40.
  4. I found the item in question, would you both be able to inform me if this is correct/incorrect?
  5. No worries, thanks for the explanation. I just had a quick look at the cheque - my partner signed her name on that line. I understand that’s not correct, but it wouldn’t invalidate the payment, would it?!
  6. Sorry, what do you mean in the memo? I scanned everything so can double check
  7. Here is a list of all the documents I submitted along with my I-485, in order: Form G-1145 Payment Form I-485 Passport style photos of myself Copy of my passport, biographical page and entry stamp Copy of K1 visa from my passport Copy of NOA2 approval Form G325-A Electronic I-94 copy Copy of my birth certificate Certified copy of marriage certificate Form I-693 medical examination Form I-763 employment authorisation Form I-131 travel document
  8. Interesting. Thanks for that - worth thinking about.
  9. Yes, I did apply for employment authorisation. I’m not sure what the eligibility category is - as in I don’t think I even recall coming across that when filling the form out. Do you think that could possibly be where the error lies?
  10. No worries - I sent a cover page/contents so I will just copy that here. Give me a moment
  11. Hi all, I am from England, and my wife is American. I arrived in New York on a K1 visa, on the 26th October, and had our wedding on the 4th November. We had no issues with anything visa related when filing the first step of the K1, other than getting a bit worried about the timing being to close to our wedding! However, since we got married and send the AOS and all the supporting documents on the 14th November, USCIS have since returned the package, which we received 2 weeks later on the 28th November. The reason that they said it was returned, is that we paid the wrong dollar amount. Now, I am a 27 year old male. On the government website, the fee clearly states $1,225, which is the amount we sent - https://www.uscis.gov/i-485 Me and my partner both find this very strange, and we’re not sure where to go from here, as we have so far found it impossible to get hold of anyone by phone when dialling the number provided. We tried emailing the next day and are yet to hear back. We are kind of in a rush here as I’d like to start working ASAP and then obviously there’s the 90 days to file. A couple of other questions I have, is that when the package was sent back, the doctors form which is to strictly only to be opened by a USCIS officer, was sent back opened. Do I just send it back as it was sent back to me? Lastly, they also stated that some of the forms that we used were out of date - however we printed them directly off of the government website before printing them, so this seems strange. Sorry for such a long post, but I would be extremely grateful for any help that anyone can offer. Thank you in advance, Oli