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  1. I know this is as new as it can be, but im wondering if anyone has any idea of what would be quicker, filing through the new online method or DCF, i have an appointment thrusday, so trying to decide what route to take.
  2. Yes. Hmmm i thought she didnt need to file taxes in her situation. Ok we will do what is needed, ill start researching how to get her up to date with the taxes. Thank you for the insight, i guess that we should be able to fill them and pay what is needed.
  3. US Citizen living abroad in the Dominican Republic since childhood. USC is planing to move to US soon after we send I130. She will establish domicile, already has a credit card, a good savings account in US (since many years ago), driver's license, has voted before. We will not be meeting the income line so we are planing on a joint sponsor. Just looking for guidance around these final steps.... * Her sister will joint sponsor the petitioner (getting payed while on medical leave, meets the poverty line comfortably) she has lived her whole adulthood in the US, so i know she has all she needs. * USC will only be able to establish domicile (will move with he joint sponsor), has never payed taxes, we plan on issuing an statement explaining she grew up here and she only knew about taxes in the DR, so she never filed or payed any US taxes. Anything else we should take into account or consider?
  4. In the case of the affidavit of support, she still fills the 864 even if she doesnt meet the poberty line but we add a joint sponsor (her sister) right? Ill get on the taxes thing asap.
  5. Dom. Rep. US Citizen living in Dr since Childhood (dual citizenship, US and Dominican) and me. Last time around we were thinking about going K1, but resisted and kept living for a while. We eventually got engaged, married, moved in etc. We have a 2 years relationship, married since April Now we are thinking about filing for CR1, we have everything ready to go but since we are filing ourselves we have a couple of doubts that you guys may help. We are filing i130, i130A, G-1145. Evidence so far: Marriage Cert, extension of my Credit card for her, we have a shared saving account (1-2 months old), evidence of a trip to US to meet her sister, 4 resort trips, lots of pictures in many events, friend meetings, family meetings, engagement surprise, marriage, we have a 2 years whatsapp chat log (thinking of sending small samples? or is it really unnecesary) We live on her dad's house, so we dont really have utility bills on our names, i do have credit card transactions buying groceries around her house (malls, supermarket), but i think this is weak evidence, maybe im wrong? Doubts: Affidavits of bonafide marriage from friends, family members, etc, is it worth it? Since she lives and works in DR, she has never filed US taxes, so we are thinking of getting her sister to joint sponsor for affidavit of support (is this sent with the 130 or after NOA1 and nvc/interview instructions???) What other evidences would be significant? Seeing as she is a dominican citizen too, we are planing to fill DFC locally in DR, anything we should take into account? https://www.uscis.gov/about-us/find-uscis-office/international-offices/dominican-republic-uscis-santo-domingo-field-office That page talks specifically about DR's office, but its directed to residents, not citizens, so dont know how much it applies to us (cedula, passport entries and exits, work contracts, license etc? should we send all this info we have that they mention for residents?) Any tips? We were thinking of getting an attorney but its expensive, i prefer saving and i feel confident filing forms. Just these doubts...
  6. Missileman, wow, that really sets a clear path hahahah, i will talk to her about all this, seems the CR1 is indeed the better option, i dont wanna stay at home doing (removed), so indeed, cr1 would help us work quicker towards a better relationship and life. Now.... lets see how that year separated sounds lol, oh boy. Thanks! let me work with all this info with her. MANY thanks, many mentioned this forum, i can understand why now.
  7. Thanks aaron and all others. I will get her to get up to date with the taxes at least, maybe consult a lawyer on that topic, since i dont want her to face surprises upon arrival. I will speak to her about marriage locally. This wont be an issue, maybe the CR-1 is the better option. Currently at work but i read the Cr1 guide here, I notice that she would still need a domicile in the US, so she has to go first, since it will be her first year working she will need a co-sponsor (no problem there i think), meaning we will have to work to fullfill the I-864 and a co-sponsor's I-864, then the process starts, months will go by until the interview and final approval. Is that the idea? Anything else changes from K1 to Cr1?
  8. Oh boy, i guess asking here was a real reality check, many thanks to all of you for your time. She could work on her taxes and get up to date on that, but i guess not having a current US job will affect the affidavit. We could get a family member to co-sponsor me for sure. And ive read around that if we show the REAL intention of moving to US then the embassy could take it into consideration. If she fills her taxes, pays and gets up to date, gets a joint-sponsor (long living family member in the us), a letter from the promised employment offer, is there no way to show the embassy the intent of moving as a K1, marry, start working asap, establish domicile and show proof of not being a risk or burden to the us? Just trying to be realistic, since i had this idea that seems to be waaaay wrong. Current emotions: She wants to quit her current job and move soon, i had hoped to quit and get my severance and move with her and help her out. K1 would have been nice, getting married here could happen, i was looking into K1 since it was supposed to be faster and but expensive (i dont mind expensive, i need to improve our situation and support her). I dont really want to spend time apart, that would be a burden to her and thats not want i want for her really. it would be nice since i do make a good income locally but ahhhhh, sucks. Ill check all options. Ill go and read the guide now. From the affidavit faq: https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/immigrate/the-immigrant-visa-process/collect-and-submit-forms-and-documents-to-the-nvc/establish-financial-support/i-864-affidavit-faqs.html A petitioner who is unable to demonstrate that he or she is domiciled in the United States who wishes to qualify as a sponsor must demonstrate that: He or she has either already taken up physical residence in the United States; or He or she has taken concrete steps to establish a domicile in the United States and will do so concurrently with the applicant no later than the date of the intending immigrant’s admission. The sponsor does not have to precede the applicant to the United States but, if he or she does not do so, he or she must arrive in the United States concurrently with the applicant. Evidence that the sponsor has established a domicile in the United States and is either physically residing there or intends to do so before or concurrently with the applicant may include the following:
  9. GF born in US but has lived since childhood in the Dom Rep. We are planning to submit a K1. So far ive understood the whole process but the fact that she has lived here all her life leaves a few things in the dark. Affidavit of support, i understand this will be asked for, we both work locally and we have a nice income, she will not have severance, i will, i can support her financially for a while. She has a job offer available, they are just waiting for her to arrive in the US and she can apply immediately. So she doesnt have US tax forms, doesnt currently have a job in the US, so no domicile either. What are the options here in case anyone has experience here? Also, any info on how i can get a shared container so i can ship some heavy things to the US from DR? Some info ive found that makes confuses me a bit too, one says its not needed until the adjustment of status, so theres that, but if its asked for, how can we deal with that since she doesnt have a domicile and it seems we cant get a join sponsor neither: https://www.uscis.gov/greencard/affidavit-support If your relative is either a K-1 fiancé(e), a K-3 spouse, or a K-2 or K-4 child of fiancé(e) or spouse, you do not need to submit an affidavit of support at the time you file your Form I-129F petition. Instead, you should submit an affidavit of support at the time that your fiancé(e), spouse, or child adjusts status to permanent resident after coming to the United States. https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/immigrate/the-immigrant-visa-process/collect-and-submit-forms-and-documents-to-the-nvc/establish-financial-support/i-864-affidavit-faqs.html If the petitioner does not have a domicile in the United States, can a joint sponsor file an I-864? No, the petitioner must meet all the requirements to be a sponsor (age, domicile and citizenship), except those related to income, before there can be a joint sponsor.
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