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  1. Congratulations 🎊 

    1. dmoore1719


      Thks.  I was surprised to get in the mail.  I have the boxes checked to be notified by text and email but never received one.  I got it in the mail yesterday (3-18-19) but the notice date is 3-13-19.  I hope you guys are next.  Praying for yall

  2. I have two incidents that I wanna run by anyone who wants to comment on my situation because I'm wondering will this affect my K1 visa. First in 2015, my fiancee's ex applied for a K1 visa but the USCIS requested RFE. During the process, their relationship fell apart and the ex never reply to the RFE which caused their K1 visa to be denied in 2016. I applied for a K1 visa with my now fiancee in November of 2018 and wondering how that incident will affect our K1 visa as we wait for our NOA2. The second incident it that I have been divorce twice, I separated and filed from a divorce from my last ex wife in April 2018 which we were no longer living together. I met my fiancee online in June 2018 and first traveled to see her in August 2018 then my divorce was final in October 2018. I then traveled to see my fiancee in November and proposed to her. Again, I file my K1 visa in November and had both divorce decrees in the packet so this means that I was free to marry at the time of the filing but still wondering how will this affect my K1 visa. Please be nice, no one perfect. thks