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  1. Theo RW

    O1-B Approved, struggling with the DS-160

    Thanks everybody for your answers! I just wanted to let you know that my visa has been approved and that I am ready to travel to the US again in a month or so. Given the high standards that the USCIS has, the application/portfolio part seems to be the hardest one (mine was 1400 pages long, packed with high profile contracts, interviews, endorsements, etc.). So, when I went to the interview (worried by what I previously explained in this post), they totally understood my case and basically disregarded my concerns about the DS160, since they considered that my circumstances were "reasonable" (officer's own word). The other questions were specific about my profession (where, when, etc.) and, besides the judgmental tone of the officer, everything went very well. I am done with this and very happy about the outcome. Now, I hope I can help other people who are in similar cases! Theo
  2. Theo RW

    O1-B Approved, struggling with the DS-160

    Thanks for your answer, fs2439 That is a very good idea and I already am checking my inbox trying to find something. Also, I already scheduled a consultation with an expert law firm so that I can prepare the "explain" box on the DS-160 and the interview
  3. Theo RW

    O1-B Approved, struggling with the DS-160

    Yes, there are more steps, but in a O1-B "Artist Visa" case, actually the hardest part is to get the approval, and the interview should be easy unless you have some kind of issue, which is what I am trying to solve
  4. Theo RW

    O1-B Approved, struggling with the DS-160

    Thanks for your answer, Boiler. Yes, my previous lawyer was awful, and, instead of encouraging me to leave the country immediately after the denial, he told us (petitioner and me) to consider the appeal thing, which provoked the current situation of 32 days of overstay. However, I have to look forward (actually, my I-129 has been approved, unlike when we did it with the lawyer) and I don't want to lose the opportunity of passing the interview and getting the visa, since I think it's not a too high amount of time. Any extra help would be welcome! Thanks
  5. Hello, I hope you all are doing great in this nerve-wrecking visa process. What an adventure it is... I am seeking some advice, since I am really confused and struggling with an issue with my application: my O1-B visa application was recently approved by the USCIS, but now I am scheduling the corresponding interview at the consulate and I am struggling with the question "Have you ever been unlawfully present, overstayed the amount of time granted by an immigration official or otherwise violated the terms of a U.S. visa?" This is my information: I applied for an O1-b visa from the United States while on OPT (and D/S on my i-94), but the application was denied on March 23. The denial said that I (or better said, my petitioner) had 33 days to fill an appeal, or, otherwise, the decision would be definitive. My petitioner and I seriously considered the appeal, but finally discard that option. Thus, I left the United States on April 24, which means 32 days after the denial, and one day before the period to fill the appeal expired. I thought that during those 32 days I was not accruing unlawful presence, but apparently I was wrong and yes, accruing it. I moved to my country and re-applied again from there (France, where I currently am) and my petition was approved on December 1. I am filling the DS-160, where I have to answer the question above mentioned about overstaying. So, even if my overstay came from the explained circumstances of evaluating the possibility of filling an appeal (and thus I think I had good reasons for my overstay), I am answering "yes". My questions come now: there is a section stating that I can explain my answer; what should I write there? Or simply said, is my argument, even real, convincing enough so that I pass the interview? Should I come up with a different angle to answer that? And also, do you think that my overstay of 32 days is going to ruin my chances of being approved by the consular officer? Thanks for taking the time to read and answer my question, I much appreciate it. Best