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  1. My fiance will enter through JFK later this week. I can't believe we will soon be in the same place. It is surreal. Any advice for what he should expect at JFK airport? Thank you in advance.
  2. My fiance was approved today at his interview!!!!!!!
  3. reneenumbertwo

    K1- interview date

    Hi. My fiance just booked his interview for Nigeria. There were no February appointments available. We got a March slot but I believe all that was left was April unless someone cancels.
  4. Is there a certain time of month when the Lagos Consulate releases more interview slots? It says that there are no interview times available?
  5. Greenbaum, I think I saw an old post from you where you said embassies typically release more interview appointments the last week of the month. Am I remembering correctly? Nigeria does not currently have any appointments available but I'm hoping they open up more slots next week.
  6. I received email notice today that our file is being sent to Lagos!!!!
  7. I am hoping someone can advise me. The NVC gave us the case number and invoice number today. What should our next steps be? Should we pay the fee at GTB bank and then complete the DS-160? Can my fiance go to Lagos and complete his medical and police exams even though we haven't scheduled our interview yet because the embassy does not have our file and probably won't have it for another month? Thank you in advance.
  8. We received our NVC case number today vis email at 6 AM EST. I am on hold with them right now attempting to get the invoice number.
  9. I had a typo in my earlier post...our NOA-1 was 8/8/2018. I am thrilled to have the letter but still no update on either website or via text message. Good luck to all of you!
  10. I should add that I have checked both websites daily for weeks and I signed up for text notifications. I did not get an update on any of those channels.
  11. I received my NOA-2 today. I am so happy and overjoyed. The letter is dated 12/26 but I've been out of town. Our NOA-1 Date was 8/3/18.
  12. I actually live in PA but I am from NC so that is where our wedding will be. We have been told that we can't do the medical exam or background check until we hear from the initial application. I wanted to do those now so that he could get the first embassy appointment available. Did you also hear this?
  13. Hi everyone. I'm new to this group. My I-129F form was received on August 3, 2018. My notice date was August 8, 2018. My fiance lives in Nigeria. We are so ready to be in the same place. I have always lurked on this website (even before I created a profile) but never posted before now. Since mid-to-late July filers are starting to hear, I decided now was the time time post and hopefully celebrate good news with everyone else. I hope that the holidays do not slow things down too much. My fiance and I hope to have a wedding in NC in late July. Do you all think that will be possible? I will be praying for all of us. The waiting has been hard but we are getting super duper close...