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  1. I received my EAD on 6th October , when will I receive my Social security number
  2. just keep waiting, the delay depends on the load at your support centre. I had mine a week ago.
  3. It depends on your service Center and the load there. Some of us filed in may but have been able to do the biometric so as the load is reduced you will receive the appointment letter
  4. Hi folks just saw this online,I guess some have receive their appointment for biometric
  5. So that’s simple , just file those two documents and send . I guess that’s what they want . But make sure you provide supporting documents for the i944
  6. This i944 shouldn’t be a problem I just filled mine recently and it has been accepted, so just file it with the necessary documents and send. Don’t think about the financial aspect of it , just get a house hold sponsor and file again
  7. Tnx a lot so how do I contact them and what r some of them
  8. Hi good day friends, how can I provide evidence or prove that I have no credit score since I have no ssn. Please Help!!!
  9. Thank you all we have been able to fill the i944 and the 864 with all relevant documents added.
  10. So I have to fill both forms which is i944 and i864?
  11. My wife don’t meet the minimum requirements so what do we have to do? Get a cosponsor ? If yes which forms are we to fill
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