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  1. My ex-husband and I also jointly filed but then divorce while I-751 pending. I waited for the final decree to arrive and then requested a switch to a divorce waiver. I mailed them a copy of the final decree, some pictures of us, a personal statement explaining what happened, and three letters from my friends. I was recently approved without any RFE or interview and have my 10-yr card on hand now. Good luck! Let me know if you have any questions
  2. Got my card yesterday! After case approved on 01/03, USCIS has been really good about keeping me updated. So happy this is finally over. Good luck to everyone still waiting!
  3. Got my card yesterday! After case approved on 01/03, USCIS has been really good about keeping me updated. So happy this is finally over. Good luck to everyone still waiting!
  4. Best luck to you! Happy New Year
  5. USCIS gives the choice for you to file any time after you become a conditional resident but before you are removed from the country. So I'd say that either file immediately after obtaining the final decree or wait till the 90 days window open would both be fine. However, since the waiting process is rather long now, filing as soon as you get the final decree might be better. I switched from jointly filed to divorce waiver and had no problem obtaining the 10-yr green card. Hope that helps
  6. I am studying for the February Bar Exam now. Hopefully, I will pass and get licensed soon
  7. Haha I am planning on practicing family law, maybe also immigration. Feel the calling to help fellow immigrants like me
  8. Yes, I filed in CO which has a 90-day waiting period. In CA, the waiting period is 6 months, from the date of service.
  9. Since we filed out divorce jointly and had no assets or children, it was finalized in 90 days. But for people that filed jointly and are waiting on their divorce process, there are probably 2 scenarios: 1. USCIS is unaware of the divorce proceeding and the joint filing got approved before the divorce is finalized 2. USCIS is aware of the divorce proceeding and will wait to adjudicate the case after the divorce is finalized In either scenario, once the divorce is finalized, you should send an update to USCIS so you don't run into any problems when applying for citizenship. Hope that helps!
  10. Hello all, Happy New Years ~ Yesterday I received a notification saying "card is being produced" and just want to share my experience. NOA date is 08/01/17, jointly filed in CA office 02/xx/18 Case Transferred to Local Office (cannot remember the exact date but this appears to be a bug maybe) Summer of 2018, I switched to a divorce waiver after receiving the final decree 10/16/18 Transferred to Nebraska 01/03/19 Card is being produced NO RFE, NO INTERVIEW For the divorce waiver, I submitted a personal statement explaining the relationship, the final decree, some photos, 3 letters from my friends and that was all. Personally, I came to the US when I was 15 for high school. I met and married my ex-husband in college. We then moved to Colorado where I attended law school. During law school, our relationship went sour and we decided to separate. I switched from jointly filed to a divorce waiver after receiving the final decree. There was no violence, abuse, cheating, or anything like that. We just grew apart. I am sharing my experience to reassure that even with a divorce waiver with no violence, people can still pass I-751 without RFE or Interview. Just tell the truth! Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions! BEST LUCK TO EVERYONE THAT IS STILL WAITING. YOU WILL GET YOUR CARD!
  11. Thank you thank you. It will be your turn soon!
  12. JUST GOT APPROVED!! Filed Jointly, switched to a divorce waiver NOA 08/01/17 Transferred to Nebraska 10/16/18 NO INTERVIEW, NO RFE
  13. Yeah. Yesterday the number before me got approved. Also a 10/16 transferee