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  1. Guys, I know not everyone here is into music, but try to listen to this, it very inspirational especially through a long wait, especially when we’re down and almost without hope. The song. Faith by jordan feliz. god bless everyone and i hope all our prayers be answered.
  2. I don’t really know, but if you do want to fill the form in pdf format there’s a pdf filler website on google where you can upload it and fill it on spot then download it in pdf format again. That way it looks neat and computerized filled format
  3. Someone on this forum got their visa after 4months of AP just recently
  4. Hi guys, i have a curious Administrative processing, need your opinions: so I had my interview on nov 13. Was asked to submit an older version of ds 5535 (exactly same questions asked on a ds5535) but more of the generic or early version. Being im from a middle east country and have been through the same AP process before on my b1/b2 visa and waited for 7months before getting approved in the past. Anyway this time its a cr1 visa. As usual had a feeling I’d go through this again so i prepared my ds5535 in advance and sent it the same day after my interview after the consul asked for it. Now when I checked my status my case was created on aug 9, aug 9 is way before my case even reached the nvc and my interview was on nov 13. How is that possible? About the interview it was less than 10min basic questions about me and my wife. We’re both same age, never been married before. and I’ve been to the US 3times in the past when we were dating. At the interview the CO kept my passport. And said it shouldn’t take long, probably a week or 2 but i said it took 7months last time before my visa was issued. now I’m waiting for a month on AP. I gave them the most detailed Ds5535. Everything from the first travels since was a 3month baby upto present day. Including exact dates and duration. I keep a very detailed record. Any more detailed and I’d probably give them a description of what i ate and wore on my travels. Including social media. Addresses. Etc. Never been to banned country. Never had any record. Not even a parking ticket. I mean for christ sake im an arab im also a catholic christian, an only child, but i carry a muslim name because its required for my country’s citizenship and I’ve been through a long ap once. Shouldn’t the 2nd time be quicker? Im sorry for the long post i just miss my wife and waited for a year for our cr1 visa to be approved and now this AP again. I keep praying it doesn’t take another year Country: bahrain visa CR1
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