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  1. Hello my wife and I were recently approved and assigned a date for the interview in the green card process. We submitted all of our documents to the NVC in august and everything was accepted except for one minor hiccup which included a page that was unreadable because of a bad photo copy which we corrected. I logged into the CEAC today to obtain our DS-260 for the interview. Upon logging in I noticed that one of my wife's civil documents was rejected. The site states that they do not have an original document but only the English translated version. How could this be? We are already have an interview scheduled and as of last night everything was still accepted on the site? Should this be cause for concern? I guess I'm going to just upload the document again and hope nothing happens in the system. Any insight would be great. Thank you.
  2. CuriousPetitioner

    DS-260 case number

    We received confirmation of our interview date at the consulate in Argentina. We are trying to register online at the Official U.S. Department of State Visa Appointment Service. We enter all of our information and the final thing its asking for is our DS-260. I did not need to fill in our DS-260 number after all. There wasn't an * next to the box so I left it blank and it worked! All good and thanks for the replies!
  3. CuriousPetitioner

    DS-260 case number

    Hello my wife and I are trying to register for her interview online at the ais.usvisa website. We are stuck in finding the correct number to input for the DS-260. I have tried the invoice ID of our case and upon logging in to the CEAC I found our DS-260 OMB number which also didn't work. I was wondering if there is another place I should be looking. Thank you for your time.
  4. We have already paid this lawyer a hefty fee. What do you suggest we do?
  5. Well thanks for getting me on the phone with the NVC. My I-864 was rejected in July. I never noticed that part of the NVC website. To me everything looked fine. I also assumed everything was fine because the lawyer we hired said it was. Apparently they were lazy and never followed up on this. Three months down the drain. Unbelievable.
  6. OK thank you. I am going to call them now. Will update you guys
  7. Thank you for your input. I will be contacting the NVC.
  8. 1. Sorry, the National Visa Center contacted us. After all forms and dues completed they said our case is now pending on the interview. The interview date has not been set. We have been waiting for 4 months since we got that email for an interview date to be made. 2. True. I worded that incorrectly. 3. She never intended on living in the States until this process is complete. She was visiting me and her new family which is within her legal rights.
  9. well I think you answered my question. yes everything was filed correctly and everything paid for correctly. our lawyer gave the same response which it is basically out of our hands and we just have to wait. I was just curious to see if this was normal or maybe the political climate could have something to do with it. thanks for responding.
  10. Hello. My wife and I filed paperwork back in November of 2017 for her to get her green card. We had been together for 5 years prior to our marriage. The last time she came to the States before our marriage she was hassled at customs because she had been coming to visit the USA on a tourism visa for many years and staying for months at a time. She never overstayed the time allotted but the customs agents in charge gave her a really hard time and said she may not be allowed in the next time she visits before out paperwork is complete. They thought she was working illegally when in fact she was visiting me. This past summer she stayed in Argentina fearing that she would get turned away and that our paperwork would get erased and we would have to start the process all over again. When we filed our paperwork in November of 2017 our lawyer made it so she could do the interview in her home country of Argentina. We received word from the USCIS in August of 2018 that we were approved for an interview in the consulate in Argentina! Does anyone know how long this leg of the process takes? We have been and waiting for 4 months now without word from the USCIS. Thank you so much. Any information would be great or a point in the right direction.