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  1. If anything that means that, on the day of your interview, they will not issue the visa. They'll tell you it'll be issued when they get the results in (and those are good, obviously). So it might delay the process for a little bit, but it won't give you any real issues.
  2. I don't know exactly, because I did mine about 4 weeks before my interview. However, when I was at the interview there were people there who did it 7-10 prior and the results weren't in yet. So I think it's safe to keep 14 days in mind. This was 6 months ago though, don't know what has changed in the meanwhile.
  3. For what it's worth, my wife and I recently (May) moved from The Netherlands to NC and had no trouble settling in whatsoever. We both started looking for jobs last week and there's so many new jobs every day that we're not even slightly worried about that. I work in IT and my wife in pharmaceuticals. Good luck with whatever decision you'll make!
  4. For what it's worth, I just received mine in the mail, 12 days after entering the US on my CR1. I received it on the address I filled in on the DS260, which is not my address but a temporary one where a relative lives. They addressed the envelope to me as well as the person who we designated on the DS260.
  5. For reference; AP to Issued took 7 business from the interview for me. Two days later, my passport was delivered.
  6. The blood test, in my experience, doesn't slow things down. You also have to do a gonorrhea test anyway. Just make sure you do the medical a few weeks before your interview, because when I had my interview I've heard about a few people getting denied for not having their medical results in yet. They did it about a week before the interview. For me, it took the clinic 2 weeks to finish and send the results. You could technically get the vaccine, but I don't think that's recommended. It'll cost more money and potentially makes you sick.
  7. Ik heb hier een afspraak gemaakt op het gemeentehuis. Ook binnen een week op de mat. Morgen eindelijk m'n interview!
  8. Correct, you have to wait. They have access to CEAC and can see your case, but obviously not if it's not ready on NVC/consulate end. They scheduled my interview 5 weeks ahead (email on Jan 9th, interview Feb 18th), so you have plenty of time to make an appointment at DC. They know people are on a deadline, so don't worry about it. I called them on the 9th, and had an appointment the 14th. Having said that, I would reach out to the consulate about where to take your medical because there's at least 2 options now and I'm not sure if it matters where you go. Sent an email on the 9th (I got a lot done that day ) to AmsterdamIV@state.gov asking where to take my medical and got a reply back a few hours later. If you wanna prepare, get your vaccinations (and/or your record) straight. That's about as much as you can do right now.
  9. My bill says: €250 for the medical €85 for the chest x-ray €60 for the gonorrhea test €40 for chicken pox blood test I guess, technically, if you're pregnant so you don't need to have a chest x-ray and you have proof of having had the chicken pox vaccine it could be as "low" as €310. But for the majority of people it'll be the full amount, which would be €435 (sorry, had 450 in my head).
  10. I don't know if it's different for Nigeria, but I also had to register on a 3rd party website in order to get my passport shipped to my house.
  11. Medical done... 450 for the exam and xray and another 50 for 1 shot. A lot of money but I guess it's worth it in the end. Next, interview!
  12. Perhaps you can ask for a different clinic? I'm currently in the waiting room of DC Clinics in Amsterdam. They seem to be all set and the procedure so far has been very fast and efficient.
  13. Received my interview date today! Feb 18th. Contacted the consulate about the doctor thing, and they now directed me to DC Klinieken in Amsterdam. So I guess there's no 1 fixed physician they use for now...
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