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  1. Sorry, to clarify do you mean no visa's are being processed currently?
  2. so k1 visa's are still being processed currently even with trumps EO ?
  3. Im confused here, we have already postponed our ceremony date, so we are still just engaged. Couldn't we still file for the k1 without the need for me to travel abroad?
  4. does anyone know if the K-1 visa is exempt from the EO? anyone filed for the K-1 after the EO was put in order?
  5. Yes unfortunately we will be delaying the wedding, so we are debating to just file a petition for the K1 fiance visa in order to speed up the process as we have no idea when international travel will resume once again.
  6. yes got it, was just wondering if we could file it. we are planning to get married in July hopefully travel ban is lifted.
  7. PLEASE can someone answer this... I am a US citizen, I am planning to have my wedding and legal ceremony at the end of this year in the UK (assuming things clear up by then)... can we file for the spouse visa ??!
  8. I’ve been in a long distant relationship for 7 years with my fiancé. Met when we were 21 and 19. We were just about to have our Wedding and legal ceremony and then start the spouse visa and this happens. Just great. Feel like life has been going way against me these last few months.
  9. hello VJ members I went on the USCIS website and saw there is an option at the top which says File online and then if you click it, it says to create an account. Does this mean the application can be filed online instead of mailing the packet? Thanks
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