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  1. toothfixer

    First time applier for k1 visa

    this is a relief. Thank you
  2. toothfixer

    How we met document

    perfect, I will call the counties and ask them the same thing. I really appreciate your help Wuozopo , i had one more question I will message you about. thanks
  3. toothfixer

    First time applier for k1 visa

    understood, thank you. being of indian descent, our parents would want some sort of ceremony prior to her living with us. Also, my fiance has a visa to live in the UK but is holds an indian passport citizen. Would this have any issue at her interview or granting the visa for us?
  4. toothfixer

    How we met document

    Ah, ok makes much more sense. thanks a bunch! really appreciate it.
  5. toothfixer

    First time applier for k1 visa

    I have a question regarding this, if our interview is before the religious ceremony then how will they even know we had a religious ceremony? obviously if they ask we would tell them and we will never lie.
  6. Hello all I have 2 questions what is the difference between the k3 vs CR1/IR1 visa? 2) my fiancé lives in the UK, but is an Indian citizen. If we were to get married in India, and applied for the CR1 visa for her to come to America, would we have to apply from the embassy in India or can we apply From the embassy in the UK.
  7. toothfixer

    How we met document

    thanks all for the response Once my fiance enters the US, I understand that we have 90 days to get married. This basically means my fiance and I will go to a court house in Florida (or whichever state we plan to live in) and get legally married Now in order to have a legal wedding, what do we need for that?
  8. Hello all, does the petitioner AND beneficiary need their own copy of the document on how we met ? or does one document suffice? Thanks and sorry if this question has been asked before.
  9. toothfixer

    K1 visa fingerprint ?

    thank you, I will do so. Yes I am in florida purem. Thank you all!
  10. toothfixer

    K1 visa fingerprint ?

    Ok thank you. So since I’m the petitioner, my fiancé will be doing the fingerprints in the UK?
  11. Hi all, I’m a dental student who resides in Florida. But for my last year I will be in another state up north. I’m planning to move back to Florida after I graduate. Is there a fingerprint process I need to complete on the k1 visa ? Also when I’m filing the k1 is there anything different i need to do since I’ll be living in another state while I file the k1?
  12. Just wondering if the US petitioner can join the fiance when she has her interview in the london embassy? does it make the case any stronger? thanks again
  13. toothfixer

    i-129f form question

    thank you so much!
  14. toothfixer

    First time applier for k1 visa

    hmm I see, thank you for the input
  15. toothfixer

    First time applier for k1 visa

    okay thanks for the input, will keep that in mind.