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  1. At the time of submission of the I-130 we only provided my wife's latest tax submission including W2, her most recent paystub and then copies of birth and marriage certificates. So for the interview we took along with us the most recent versions of those documents (2018 tax return, last two months of paystubs) plus all the additional items I listed out. We brought several versions of each item i.e. our 2017/18 lease as well as the most recent lease, i.e. every 6 month renewal of our car insurance dating back to 2017. We took the approach of trying to impress them with volume of evidence, even if some items were effectively the same thing. The photos; we printed out 50 of them and annotated on the back the date and scenario of each photo. Starting from when we met until most recently. We were advised that photos of us with our respective families and/or friends would be better than just photos of the two of us, so we definitely focused on that.
  2. Successful interview at the Washington DC field office last week! Our officer was stern but friendly. At the beginning we were asked for ID, birth certs and marriage cert. We then spent a lot of time going through the respective I-130 and I-485 forms my wife and I - section by section. She was effectively asking us the question again and checking off our responses vs the form content. Be sure to know your I485 and I30 contents very well. These questions prompted numerous follow on questions and clarifications. We were asked if we wished to provide any additional information relative to the I-130 and I-145 applications and we provided the officer with a printed contents list which we ran through and she requested pretty much all of it; Joint 2018 Tax Return Join Mortgage Deed Joint Bank Statements Joint Health Insurance Joint Vehicle Lease Joint Vehicle Insurance Joint Home Insurance Joint Rental Agreement 401k Beneficiary statements Paychecks Collection of photographs We used the photographs to help with her request that we describe our relationship from beginning until now; she would jump in and asked pointed questions (I guess to catch us out) such as how many attended our wedding dinner, the cost of the engagement ring, full name of the person who introduced us, when our parents met for the first time - she seemed to scribble this all down in no particular order. At the end of the process we got the spiel about the next steps - including that it could take up to 120 days for a response. I got the feeling we weren't going to get on the spot approval so I did ask how she felt about our application. She stated she felt good about but had to do some additional checks. She said we were well prepared and liked our binder of evidence. All in all we were with her for about 40 minutes. That evening we got an update to the I485 and I130s on the USCIS website stating 'interview was completed and case must be reviewed' which certainly caused us some concern and heartache as we went to bed. Happily by the time we woke up the next morning we had a notification that card was in production! Expecting card to be delivered today which is 7 days after the interview.
  3. Sounds like a great encounter! Both times I've used my AP, I've been taken into secondary. Did this happen for you? Or was it all taken care of at the booth in the main area? I am flying back through Houston again this coming Friday and wondering if there is a way I can avoid secondary! Both previous times I've lined up to use my Global Entry then been sent to secondary.
  4. With regards to EAD - they extended the normal processing time recently. I would certainly recommend that you search the forums for a thread for March 2019 filers - those are your fellow filers and you’ll start to get a feel for when the EADs begin to come through. As as for the NoVa office... it’s slow. We have been waiting on ready to schedule since Dec 26th and still don’t have our apportionment notice. We filed 16th November.
  5. Did you sign up for email and/or SMS notifications on the USCIS website? It’s easy to do. That’s how I knew my EAD was approved and the following notifications for card being produced, sent, delivered etc. Recommend the SMS notifications! On the flip side, any time I hear an SMS notification now, I quickly check to see if it’s USCIS advising me our interview is scheduled! I’m like Pavlov’s dog.
  6. Best of luck. I follow the Nov 2018 filers thread pretty closely and by the looks of it the combo cards are starting to come through for them. You shouldn't be too far behind.
  7. PD 21st Nov. Ready to schedule since Dec 26th. Still waiting for interview to be scheduled. However, we were lucky enough to receive EAD/AP in March.
  8. I entered the receipt number associated with the AOS and it stated that it could not access this case number using the automated service. I presume this means it is with the DC office. Thanks for the tip!
  9. Our file was, I presume, sent to the DC office when we got the notification that our case was ready for interview to be scheduled in December. In following similar timelines at the DC office on this site, we do expect to receive our interview notification in the coming weeks. As it is, our lawyer does receive copies of all our correspondence.
  10. Do I count as a employment based in this instance? I’m in the US on a work visa but AOS based on USC spouse. Hmmm... In any event, we are expecting to be interviewed.
  11. Sorry to hear the EAD is taking so long for you and others. It's baffling how much longer they're taking than they used to. What is really depressing is looking at the AOS timelines for all local offices and seeing PD dates of March and interview dates of early June in some locations... mind blown. I wish we lived in Ohio! If we had the flexibility and the foresight (you know what they say about hindsight), we'd have set ourselves up in Maine or Ohio and worked remotely... I wonder if anyone has experience of, or knows of, these mythical no-interview GC approvals? I'd dare say I'm a good candidate for it given I've been in the USA working for two years on an L1 and we had a ton of strong marriage bona fides, including a property deed, rental leases and insurances in both our names.
  12. Do you know what USCIS does if this happens? Does it affect the case timeframes or the interview actually happening, for example?
  13. Anyone have experience of doing this, though? I was told by our immigration lawyer that USPS will not forward mail from USCIS. That would of course be the best option but one we had not considered due to this advice. Our lawyer also gets all our correspondence in copy - so part of me thinks what if we just don't change the address? We will still get her to provide copies of what she receives. However, I wonder what happens if USCIS receives returned mail from our address...?
  14. Hmmm I wasn't very clear! TLDR; we need to move out of our current apartment in Alrlington, VA due to an upcoming short-term work assignment and end of our lease. We really don't want to jeopardize our place in the line for getting an interview at the Washington DC local office. So were hoping there's a way to keep the address associated with our filing yet receive the notifications/correspondence at another address; likely the home we own in Denver, CO. The last thing we want is to be transferred to the Denver office which is, per the stats, even slower than Washington DC and we'd likely go to the back of the line for interview scheduling. TLDR 2 - can you change the correspondence address but keep the address on the filing the same? Thanks!
  15. Congratulations! I took a peek at your timeline and which local office for your AOS. It just reinforces that there's literally no rhyme nor reason to any of the processing times. While it took me 124 days for EAD/AP approval - which seems to be much quicker than other Nov filers here - we have been sat waiting on 'ready for interview to be scheduled' since December last year, whereas your interview got scheduled after a week. And to think, it's a postcode lottery - you're not far up the road at the Baltimore office and we're at the DC/NoVA office. My data-driven and rational brain cannot deal with such variances! Oh well... the wait continues! Congratulations again - here's hoping for a swift and happy response regarding the GC.
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