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  1. Yes, I've been doing the taxes every year. I have someone that can be a co-sponsor, I should be good.
  2. Since I am too living in Argentina, my main concern is to meet all the requirements for approval. I am aware of the differences between the two visas. Only I couldn't find many cases were the petitioner and the beneficiary are both abroad. With the K1 visa I will need to provide affidavit of support most likely since she won't be able to work for several months, and proof of domicile in the U.S. unless I move ahead and settle down first (which is not the idea) On the other hand, we can get married here, and apply for the CR1. Not sure if I will also need affidavit of support and proof of U.S. domicile.
  3. Hi, I am a naturalized U.S. citizen living in Argentina for the past 5 years. Me and my girlfriend (She is an Argentina citizen) want to move to the U.S., and I am a little confused about what will be our best option. From what I read the K1 visa is a little bit faster to process, but I'm not sure how it works when the citizen is living abroad. I do, still have a banks accounts in the U.S., also have my daughter from a previous marriage living in TX. Basically whats my best option K1 or CR1? Appreciate any help. Thanks