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  1. Hi there, I was wondering if anyone has any recent experience doing this? We applied for Removal of Conditions jointly about a month or so back and I have gotten the 1 and half year green card extension. I know I now will have to change it to a divorce waiver filing. Do I need to pay any additional fees? Do I need to use a lawyer? Should I only file it when I have the final divorce decree? Thanks, Veronica
  2. okay thank you! still nothing in the mail for me yet, gonna give it another week until I properly worry but Im wondering..
  3. Hi there, I applied for ROC in early July and got the enotification text that my case was received by USCIS. How long will it take to get the extension letter in the mail? Its been about two-three weeks since I sent in the package and about a week since I got the enotification text. thanks
  4. Hey just had a quick question. I just about had everything compiled and was planning on sending my ROC friday, but i only currently have one (2019) tax transcript. The reason being, my husband has a small business and only just filed his taxes a few days ago. Apparently, it'll take a week for IRS to be able to send a transcript. Along with that, my husband always owes taxes bc of the nature of his work, and will probably have to do a payment plan. Can I even get a transcript if we still technically owe taxes? I have been a stay at home wife so its zero income reported for me, but we file jointly. My greencard expires September 24th.
  5. Thank you very much! That makes me feel a lot better. I would definitely rather file my packet complete/without error rather than a bit earlier. I have another question I just remembered. I got my USCIS NOTICE to file removal of conditions at my OLD address a week or so go back. I only found out because I checked informed delivery. I have already technically changed my address with USCIS (i completed the online change of address sheet over a year ago now). When I file my ROC, do you know if they will send it to my proper address now? Obviously, on the ROC I will file with my current address. Obviously I dont care much if the reminder to removal conditions is sent to the wrong address, I already knew to do so, but the extension letter being sent to the wrong address will be a problem. Thank you if by chance you know the answer/have experience in this!
  6. Sorry, one more question. If it takes an additional week to apply and my card expires the 24th of September, so we end up applying some time in early July, is that alright? I see many people applying right as the window opens so I am a bit paranoid!
  7. Hi there, hopefully this is my last question before I file. My window just opened yesterday and I intend to file in the next couple days. I am having trouble accessing our joint tax returns, the IRS website has been giving us trouble for months (i thought my husband figured it out but I guess not). We filed jointly once and we are filing jointly again in the next couple days as well. I intended to use the joint file tax transcripts to show our bonafide marriage...along with other things. Has anyone had this issue? Have you solved it or used something else to show that you filed taxes jointly? thank you guys so much
  8. Thank you all appreciate it. Now that I'm back filing with USCIS after two years i've gotten paranoid again about giving the right answers so just wanted to make sure! Thanks again M
  9. hi there, I am completing my Removal of Conditions form right now and I was wondering if I was formally "detained" and need to select yes to the question on the form. In 2019, a week or so after I got my greencard in the mail, I went back to Canada to visit family and on the drive back, my husband and I were asked to step inside the building at the border while they searched our car. We were free to go once they did that. Does this count? Or do I select "no"? Thanks,
  10. Hi all, I am starting to get ready to apply for removal of conditions which opens up late June for me. My first question is, my husband makes a good amount of money and therefore, we decided together that I could be a stay at home wife and take care of the house and our large dogs for our marriage so far. Would this be a problem? Secondly, I wanted an opinion on the amount of evidence we have. I would love to not be called for an interview again lol, so I would love to overload with evidence. -state ID and license showing the same address -three different leases with both our names -joint car insurance -joint rental insurance -life insurance policy showing I am the beneficiary to my husband -joint phone account -joint tax returns (two years worth) -photos -affidavit from friend signing our marriage to be true -joint bank account with activity from several years worth -joint credit card accounts -utility bills with both our names We used to have medical insurance which we showed as evidence during our initial application, but we recently got rid of it.
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